What Is Sacred Geometry?

What is it about Sacred Geometry that resonates so deeply with us? We are told to surround ourselves with the simple geometric forms known as the platonic solids, and to study Mandalas, which are spiritual symbols that represent the Universe.

Why? Because (to keep it simple) the lines that make up the geometric structures show the form or pattern in which all energy moves.  And by surrounding ourselves with sacred geometry, we are aligning with the energetic pathways flowing through all of creation, creating a coherence with the energies of the Universe that are not only outside of us, but also, within us.  Literally, you are aligning with Source energy.

We find the 2 video clips below helps you to visualise better. I am here to facilitate your awakening. Evlyn

Evlyn works with the Universal energies in the following ways using sacred geometry . 

When you are out of alignment in ongur energy fields, we can adjust them via sacred geometry . ie we create sacred geometry in your field of chaos. We tap into the energies of the Universe via 

1) Esoteric Accupunctre* 

2) Sacred Activations + 

Both are advanced energy systems. Your preference is with whatever you feel most comfortable with. 

 *based on the works of Dr Mikio Sankey , Ph.D. L.Ac .

+based on the gifts received by Tamra Oviatt . 



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