Evlyn is a Professioanal Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), USA.


What is Success to you?

- Are you scared of success? Scared of what will happen if you are successful?

- What does it look like ?

- How does it feel ?

- How would you know if you're successful ?

- What or Who stand in your way now?


Embodied Coaching .

Embodied coaching is a process that allows me to connect with the entirety of my client — their thoughts, feelings, actions, spirit, and body — and in so doing, to create lasting change.
She is passionate about empowering individuals to live their lives to their full potential. Her ability to facilitate others to uncover blockages currently held is well received. She helps clients to seek awareness and clarity . With clarity , the client is able to chart the outcomes he/she desires. In short, it transofrms a person . Coaching for Transformation is about turning the focus from the issue to the person dealing with the issue. It is about Reflective Learning. 
This kind of conversation is rare and significantly more powerful because it direct their attention to learn, improve and grow, rather than to just mend something that is broken.. 
Evlyn facilitates people like you in your personal growth, and emotional and physical well being. By exploring the wisdom that you already have inside you, she raises your level of awareness . Then together in a co-creative approach, she invites you to explore progress towards what you want to accomplish in the session. 
She is a PCC and full member  with the International Coaching Federation , having completed her ICF approved "Transformative Coaching" program based on ICF core competencies, and passed her ICP Full membership examination. With this, she has reached a  career milestone that signifies her commitment to professional standards in the coaching industry, and to her own continued growth and education.

Professional Training in People Development

She has been in corporate work for 30 years,  where she had also accumulated much knowledge and experience in the field of people development. 

Evlyn attained the level as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in 2016. Her academic qualifications are a B Sc (University of Singapore) and MTCP (University of Sydney). She was the President of a professional institute in Singapore fro 2014-16 and 2016-18.

She had attended various management programmes to learn how to harness the potential within herself. Evlyn has been trained and practised as a facilitator of  "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders©'" ( Stephen Covey) .Her interest in people development guided her to further her training and practice as a Manager in People Developer Singapore and People Developer Consultant (Spring Singapore).

Other memorable management programmes that she attended included 

- The Allen Management Program (by Louis A. Allen Associates, Inc. Palo Allto, California), and 

- Learning Organisation workshop (based on Peter Senge's works), and

the Kepner Tregoe Management Problem Solving and Decision Making Programme ( by Kepner-Tregoe International, Princeton, NJ, USA). 

- One management programme that left a lasting impression on her was the residential seminars on Organisational Management (OM 1) and later OM2  conducted by Prof. Moneim El-Meligi of Princeton, NJ. (Temasek Mangement Services) . 






Marie Cronogue . 20-5-2016

Hi Evelyn, thankyou so much for yesterday , it was really good. I was a bit frustrated and defeated almost but felt a shift during the session. You will make a good coach marie


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