Evlyn understands everything is energy, even money.... and abundance is seldom about money . She is a skillful listener and she is good in finding out and digging the reasons why you create your own abundance blocks. She helps people to understand themselves better. 

She also assists the client to understand emotional, psychological and physical reasons behind why your body feels un-easy. If unattended this can lead to dis-ease and dis-order.

Many come in "early' as soon as they feel stuck somewhere in their lives, their emotions, in their relationship,  or in their bodies.   Evlyn focuses on awareness, flexibility, and co-creation. She uses a range of skills. In addition, her experiences in corporate and management honed during her professional life in Singapore, helps her to better understand the issues and challenges faced by working professionals. Having raised two teenagers, she understands the anxieties that school-going children face here in Singapore. 

Our work seeks to support your self-empowerment and expansion. Evlyn offers a one stop service to all who are ready to evolve and expand.  She offers her many years of experience since she became a practitioner in 2007 and started teaching in 2011. She has many skills to offer and you simply choose one that best suit you needs or let the Universe choose for you. She connects with Source Energy.

You can take your time to contemplate on these or in our busy lives of a modern metropolis , prefer to deal with it faster way.   Many of us are unable to meditate for even an hour a day.  You can  find out the root cause of these patterns of behaviour through well tested  techniques. You can also raise your energetic vibration. Yes, you are capable of  all these . You  just need a jump-start by learning how to . We offer classes in ThetaHealing® to learn how to transform yourself , and maintain your energetic and physical well being.  Let  this year be a time to re-calibrate your energetic self and physical self.

** A holistic approach towards healing can be very helpful . However, it does not replace your medical treatment or when medical intervention is needed. Evlyn personally finds both of them work hand-in-hand, supporting each other.

Private Sessions

ThetaHealing®  is famous for its Beliefs & Feeling work , digging to find your key beliefs. Seek to transmute energetic blocks and subconscious beliefs that are causing dis-comfort and dis-ease within you.  Replace them with supportive Feelings by way of 'downloads' in the Theta brainwave.  

ThetaHealing is not a religion; it is a technique to change your beliefs according to your conscience. 



COACHING: Evlyn is a Certified Coach PCC, International Coach Federation ( ICF) .  She helps you to create awareness ,  to chart your  action plans , and manage progress . 

Activations  Seek out  to accelerate your alignment with your higher self , AND unplug from the Collective Consciouness of fear and the need to suffer.


Consultation hours : Mon - Sat . 11 am - 6 pm.


Testimonial for Evlyn

3/12/15, 6:11:48 PM: Marie Cronogue: Hi sweety , thanks for the session yesterday . I found it very powerful , I liked the emotional release and it felt like a complete process. I'm feeling very positive today and Not giving energy to negativity so something has shifted. Thanks so much for your help as always , your awesome X

By appointment only .  Contact Us via email or  WhatsApp at  +65 97527175



Energy Exchange

 1) Sessions  :  An 1 hour session will give you an opportunity to experience a major change. In person, one-to-one at S$152  for one hour.  S$215 for up to 1.5 hours.

  2) Packages :  As all beliefs and sub-conscious programmes are inter-related, other beliefs/programmes will surface for clearing as well. To encourage you to experience a major shift , especially for more complex cases, buy 3 sessions, and you get a half hour free via Skype.  To be within 2 weeks. 

  3) Skype sessions :  An 1 hour session is S$125.   For up to 1.5 hours , energy exchange is S$161. Overseas Skype sessions also available .  Paypal charges apply . Skype name: evlyn.cheong1

  4) Sessions after ThetaHealing class : students of my basic class, may want to address the digging in a private setting with me instead with other fellow students. I offer this service at a special rate of S$71 for a one hour Skype session in appreciation of their continued trust in me.  Applies for period of 2 weeks only immediately after class. 

  5) Students  (18 and below) : I am a mother of two ; one just graduated in Engineering ( Renewable Energy) , andis now working in Sydnye, and another in Medical school. Both of them benefitted immensely from ThetaHealing and Sacred Activations.  I understand many of the growing up stresses of an adolescent and pressure from school work and CCA .  I offer sessions to school students who face issues at  school ;  a special student rate of $107 for one hour for Primary school students .  Can be a combination of therapy work  ( either with Aura Soma colour oils)  or Thetahealing belief work or Activations.  For youngsters (primary school) , the session is best kept short. Parental consent is required for children 12 and below.   This special rate excludes illnesses and health-related issues. 

6)  Secondary / JC students  ,  University / Polytechnic undergraduates  : $125 per hour session. 


ThetaMiraculous SINGAPORE

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ThetaHealing® Mission:  To change one person at a time and show everyone their true connection to Source energy. We aim to bring forward the best in all people.

Our Vision :  To em-power you to transform and discover the magnificent being that you are. Become one who can create the reality you desire.


How You See Yourself, Is Everything