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We can ask the Creator or Source or God for the Sacred Activations on 3 levels : at an individual level or for a group or for the collective group consciouness/ energy . Evlyn finds this ground breaking as we heal the collective consciouness as we heal at the individual or group level. This allow not only us but at the same time help others to unplug from the group consciouness/ enrgy of say fear, suffering etc  . All these are prevalent consciouness/ energies of the 3rd dimension grid, and even though we heal at the individual level, the collective consciouness overwhelm us. This makes our own healing at the individual level more effective as the fear and suffering group consciouness shrinks .   

Evlyn is personally trained by Tamra, the founder of Sacred Activations. She is now a master practitioner of SA which allows her to do the activations at a personal ( one-to -one) level, in groups and at  the collective consciouness level.  She felt and witnessed the shifts  during the private activation-sessions , and the training sessions for both the Practioner's training and the Master Training with Tamra.  In essence, the SA unplugs us from the group consciousness that keeps us stuck. There is almost an SA for every facet of life. Its such a ground breaking modality that heals the collective consciousness as we heal ourselves.

Its heartening to know that when we also heal the collective consciousness, our own healing will be more effective. I now have a clearer understanding of the concept of Oneness, and also feel it. I have witnessed shifts in people with these SA.  

Evlyn is a certified SA Practitioner and a SA Teacher for the foundation activations, This keans you can learn hor to facilitate all the basic 26 Sacred Activations.

In addition, I facilitate another 35 activations as a SA Master and a 'Mastering the Masters' Practitioner.  I have facilitated on a one-to-one basis , and groups via Skype with overseas groups.




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