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Evlyn is a transformative coach and facilitator. She  believes everything is energy, and when we connect our mind to our heart , we can be transform our state of mind. We just have to be aware of our belief systems and our meotions and feelings.

She has a strong belief of leading a balanced life . Her pursuit of qigong, breathing exercises, meditation, swimming, and healthy eating, helped her maintain the right balance to enjoy her work and family. She enjoys a fulfilling professional and personal life.

Evlyn is based in Singapore.


Photo : Evlyn with angel and reindeer sculpture . Hong Kong Dec 2015. 




However , when she came face to face with greater challenges, she was guided to realign her whole being at both the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This led her to a personal journey of self-discovery , which allowed her to realise that at a deeper level , the beliefs she held made all the difference.  Through the awareness of her beliefs , she discovered that we are like that lustrous pearl within the oyster.

Evlyn loves to learn and explore the frontier. The purpose is to help clients transform their lives more effectively, plan their own future to empower themselves. She is a certified professional coach in transformative COACHING , and has completed the ICF approved coach certificate training programme, and passed its exmaination. She is a full member of the International Coach Federation ( ICF).  

Evlyn's vision is to empower you through your own trans-formation, and to discover the magnificent being that you are. She believes everything is energy . She has gained mastery as an integrator of energy, and facilitates the individual to re-align her/his being.


1) ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner and Instructor with Certificate of Science.


ThetaHealing®  is famous for its Belief work & Feeling work.  It is a technique that uses digging to find your bottom beliefs, then seek to transmute the energetic blocks and subconscious beliefs that are causing dis-comfort and dis-ease within you.  The belief systems that do not serve you anymore are then replaced with supportive ones and refinforced by Feelings by way of 'downloads' in the Theta brainwave.  

ThetaHealing is not a religion; it is a technique to change your beliefs according to your conscience. 


Click on ThetaHealing®  for more about the modality, and  ThetaHealing services


2)   Sacred Activations Mastering the Master Practitioner . Level 4.

          Medical Intuitive                                      Teacher for SA Foundation



More on   Sacred Geometry Activations modality, and Sacred Geometry Activations services



Activations  Seek out  to accelerate your alignment with your higher self , AND unplug from the Collective Consciouness of fear and the need to suffer.


3) Metaphysical Anatomy Technique 
MAT Level 3
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4) Personal COACHING
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  level  , International Coach Federation

Evlyn is a Certified Coach PCC .  She helps you in your Personal Development journey by creating awareness ,  to chart your  action plans, and manage progress .

Best results package of 3 sessions with half hour complimentary working on belief systems.

Game of Life

This is a specially desgined  programme that  looks at the stages of life and your relationships and the environment around you . One -to-one coaching  available over 21 hours over 1 month at agreed frequency. This is not part of ICF competencies.


ThetaHealing® Masters Plaque received 2014.                    

Certified Practitioner for Planes of Existence .                       

Tokyo 2014                                                                 


Certificate of Science plaque and certificates received in 2015.

Certified as Instructor for Diseases & Disorders, World Relations, and DNA3.

Tokyo, Japan 2015

ThetaHealing® Practitioners' Certifications

21/05/2012 14:19

We certify ThetaHealing® Practitioners

Become a certified ThetaHealer® with THInK (Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge) when you attend ThetaHealing classes with Evlyn. She is a certified ThetaHealing® Master with Certificate of Science trained peronsally by Vianna Stibal. The foundation of ThetaHealing ® are built around 3 courses,...

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Evlyn conducts seminars/ webinars for the 26 Foundation activations . 

She is also a certified teacher for practitioners in the Foundation SA . 

Beyond Foundation , she conducts seminars /webinars by themes eg the Heart series .

Evlyn also does one-to one Activations .

We certify SA practitioners.

Evlyn with founder of SA Tamra at Stonehenge in Aug 2017. Notice its all white light at top right of photo


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ThetaHealing® Mission:  To change one person at a time and show everyone their true connection to Source energy. We aim to bring forward the best in all people.

Our Vision :  To em-power you to transform and discover the magnificent being that you are. Become one who can create the reality you desire.


How You See Yourself, Is Everything