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Date: Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 2:59 PM
Subject: Message from website Deconstructing limiting beliefs

Name: Ms Tan 


Subject: Deconstructing limiting beliefs

Hi Evelyn,

I happened to chance upon the thetahealing book at a bookstore.
I understand that there is a component called Belief Work in this healing modality that helps to identify and deprogramming limiting beliefs.
I would like to get help to work on my own beliefs conditioning.
But first could you provide me with a little more info on the thetahealing process in this aspect?
Is it simply sending a request to the 7th plane and requesting the beliefs to be deprogrammed?
As this is the first time I have heard of this module, may I ask how long you have been working with clients in this area?
Could you let me know what are the consultation charges per session?

Thank you

Dear Ms Tan ,
Thanks for visiting my website. Yes. beliefs can either limit us or it can work in our favour. 
We all have thousands of beliefs since childhood influencing us from our parents, grandparents, teachers, classmates, boss etc. 
You would probably read form  Vianna's book that we need to find the key beliefs. However, we do not just change any belief that we  think "appropriate"  because thinking is at the mental level , and can be from the perspective of the limited ego self.  She has also advised that even though she shares the info in her book, she does not accept any responsibility for the changes that can occur from its use. 

It is best to attend the Basic & Advanced courses which has been designed by Vianna and from there you can empower yourself by starting with "de-constructing limiting beliefs" . I sincerely hope you attend the 2 workshops which will start on Good Friday 22 Apr.  . There will be so much healing during the 2 workshops. 

From there we can decide whether you want to follow up on personal consultations. There are some who feel they needed a deeper healing, with a bit more help tailored to their personal needs,  may opt to follow up with private consultations. Many feel self -empowered to continue to heal themselves and maintain their well being after the workshops. 
 Whatever it is, the Basic and Advanced, will make your subsequent session more fruitful in searching for beliefs that do not serve you.  
 Hope this helps.
with Love & Blessings,
9752 7175

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What is Theta Healing? 

ThetaHealing® has been described as an attainable life-altering miracle. It counts as among one of the world’s most effective, versatile and fastest healing modality right now.

Basically, the practitioner goes into a particular meditative state to access the life force of the universe to change any limiting beliefs, teach the body new feelings, and perform physical and emotional healing at all levels of your Being. It is suitable for people of all races, religions and denominations.

ThetaHealing® is discovered by Vianna Stibal in 1995 when she found a way to cure herself from lymphatic cancer after all conventional and alternative therapies have failed. ThetaHealing® gets its name from the Theta brainwave, which vibrates at four to seven cycles per second. In this state, you can have easy access to your subconscious and am connected to the creative force of the universe.

What is a typical Theta Healing session like ?

Steps in a typical ThetaHealing™ session:

1) First we identify an issue that you are currently facing in your life right now.
2) We identify any limiting subconscious beliefs that are supporting this issue through muscle-testing.
3) I as the practitioner will then enter into a conscious Theta brainwave and command the life force in the universe to change the subconscious limiting beliefs, to install any positive feelings to support the new empowering beliefs, and to remove any originating traumas that cause the limiting beliefs and feelings in the first place.
4) We do this until all the conditions that are supporting your issue have been resolved. When you go back to your daily life, you will discover that the issue no longer exists for you. As a result, your thought, feelings, behavior and habit patterns will all start to shift to this new more empowering identity.

Personally, I find the combination of Theta Healing with pure therapeutic grade essential oils* gentle, effective and powerful. Essential oils have been used for centuries in many cultures. The healing propoerties in the plants can heal on a physical level to support the immune system, and more. They can promote the well being of our organs as well as healing on emotional and spiritual levels. 

Disclaimer: This therapy is not meant to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any diseases and illnesses.

Why does an adult want to attend a RB Children course?

We teach Indigo like you to become more like RB children. RB children are born with infinite wisdom and can change the world around themselves. Indigo children are born to usher in the New Age with good intuition and wonderful at manifesting, but can be super sensitive and take on the negative beliefs of those around. RB kids are extremely loving , adaptable human beings with memories of other times & places, memories and skills they possess, and bring with them infinite love and patience. They can transform energy of people around them. The course also enable you to become a practitioner and use these skills with children or adults if you choose so. For those who work with children, it will help the children to awaken the amazing powers within themselves. The course will teach you the theta brainwave to meditate and do it real fast , and connect with the highest truth. It is from this Theta brainwave that you change energy patterns, and in RB course, do it in the fun way. How does it get better than this !

Question: Hi Evlyn,  I hope you are well. I was looking at theta heling in Singapore and found you. I am a reiki practtioner but am looking to release some past life energies. Can you help or recommned  at all?  I look forward to  hearing from you.  Warm wishes.


Hi, past lives are only relevant to this life when they posed issues. The ThetaHealing®  technique approach the issues you have identified, and will heal the past life aspects of them where necessary,  No matter where a past live trauma surfaced to be addressed, the ThetaHealing® technique is powerful as it heals at 4 levels at the same time ie this current life which is your most important life , genetic level, the history level which includes your past life, and your soul level. 

Sacred Activations

Hi G,
You can have private sessions with me or alternatively join the group webinar. The Activations are best done in sets of three at a time , and bring along 3 crystals and a stone to help you integrate the energies . The attunement set #1 is a prerequisite to all activations. 
I am currently in Japan.  I can meet you for a session on the afternoon of Thursday 7 May. I rest on Sundays. 
For a private session, I give an introductory offer of $75 for Basic set #1. The energy exchange for a private session is $107 the rest of the 3 Basic sets. For all private sessions, I will witness your beliefs as they surface to be witnessed. Details at website under Basic and Advanced sets. 
Once you've completed the Basic sets , you can choose from any of the Advanced sets which are awesome. 
Please confirm whether you'd like to have the session on 7 May. 
Blessings , 

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I am interested in the scared activations. How can I go about getting it?

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