You and The Creator  Oct 2022
Jane Lai : It was a great workshop for learning how our relationship in life will affect how we view and give love, receive love . Also great to learn simpler ways to do self-digging and understand the different aspects of self .
Vivienne : Very good opportunity to uncover more beliefs that cause stuckness. Grateful to clear beliefs with more practice duirng the course. 
Kevin K :  thanks for guiding the class to new learning .
Laura L : enjoyed and benefitted from this workshop 

Basic DNA 1 &2  Dec 2022


Priti Modyiyer :  It has been interesting and informative . Evlyn is a very gentle and generous teacher. She explains everything really well and keeps the class on track while allowing us to integrate whatever we are learning. 

Ananthi Bala : It allowed me to go deep, access message to grow ,from the 7th plane through connecting to my theta level. 

Prasad Shekhu :  A great introdution to the Thetahealing concepts and practice . Will try it out !!Keep it up ( Evlyn) . A great job!!



Basic DNA 1 &2 Mar 2021
Grace Liaw : Transformational. I'd like to continue with advanced course . Thank you.
PANG Y. S.   Happy to know new friends . Explore on my physic abilities . It really opens up my world to different dimensIas i have the expereince to connect to the Creator of all that is . I feel grateful and always feel love duirng the sessions. Thank you Evlyn & Vianna for transferring the knowledge .
Adrianna Pires : It was good to have this refresher in the other side of the world as I have taken thos course in Brazil back in 2016. I still have some visualisation difficulty but it became more clear to me how to conduct sessions and strucures of treatment .

2019 workshops

Basic DNA 1 & 2


- The concepts taught are easily understood . Direct and effective . Love is all that is , and God trykly has a sense of humor =)

Evlyn is a professional . She practised / exercised wisdom in whatever she 's imparting . She has created a safe space for me to learn and heal . Thank you . <3 - Joven  N

- I came for DNA activations and got so much more out of the ocurse! Evlyn is a compassionate and skillful practitioner -facilitator -teacher.  I got a lot of value foem this course and experienced shifts. thank ypu Evlyn ! <3 Gracy.   I thought your first day of the course was pretty intense and fast -paced. However, I realize that you have a lot of content to cover,   _ Gracy Yap

-The experience was wonderful as many areas of Healing modalitites became clear. You read , but to practiclly see it at work was an experience you yearn to witness. Thank you Evlyn for your patience and understanding and love.  - V Ghandi

- I decided to take up this course to learn healing for the first time for myslef , and for people I have desired to help them to heal. This course is really beneficial as I learned about the spriritual world and understand how I can use my gift of visions , and most importantly , I get to know my ACTUAL TRUE SELF . Thank you Evlyn for your teachings and guidance!. I've learned more about my true self and get a lot of healings in return !  - Celeste K

- I found it a systematic , incorporating many concepts I learnt elsewhere,but pulled together very intelligently , with good practical sessions to help us understand  the concpets. - Vivinne L

Manifesting and Abundance

M & A workshop allowed me to clear so many blocks in life. I am looking forward to receive more from the uiverse and knowing thr right way to manifest my life the way i  want ! Yay! - Jane lai

Essential to clear  the belief and fear blocks. Useful to learn what they are and release/ clear themfor my manifestations.- Yee Ling

Good Refresher . Thank you , _ Wong

Enlightening and insightful , not only did I clear some of my blocks, I also helped others to clear them, The way forward for me is clearer  now. - Laura

2018 Workshops


Thetahealing Basic DNA1 & 2 

Katarzynia Khanchandani : My expereince is very positive . I have learned many new techniques to work on Belief Systems . I  liked the  way Evlyn facilitated this workshop. There was a lot of practice exercises during the workshop, and Evlyn's instructions and guidance was very clear and sufficient to gain confidence. I am getting familiar enough with all modalities in order to implement it in my own practice and helping others , Thank you Evlyn  <3


Subrabhi Batra: Very interesting to see the coming together of science and spirit , Full of a lot of intense self -work. I recommend to everyone to explore the realm of spiritual co-freation and intuition . 


Karen -jorden Heng : Lots to learn about oneself through the connection to the Source, Have to come with an open heart and mind as our cup may be filled with other teachings 

Jane Lai : I feel that its important and highly suggest to others to attend with an open mind. This helped me personally to understand the workshop better,and fully benefitted from the healings or other energy work done during the workshop. 

I'm really thankful to be able to do this workshop at this point of time in my life . thank you for your teachings & grace to share with us! Thank you for sharing your experiences . I really enjoyed this workshop. 

Corina Loo : Is an experienctial workshop. Lots of self -discovery  and healing. Well paced and conducted in a safe and warm environment. Workshop that is useful in self-healing, Can be over whelming at times by rewarding , Thank you Evlyn, 

Advanced DNA

Karen -jorden Heng : Once you have a deep understanding of who you are without limitations, which the Advanced ocurse has provided, one iwll be able to see the True Self.    

Corina Loo: A worthwhile investiment for personal development and growth ,  a tool that is useful . 

Jane Lai : This workshop is great to clear beliefs and to downlod feelings for better personal growth in life. 

Subrabhi Batra:Really good for Feeling Work --helpful if you have limiiting beliefs , mental emotions ,physical ailment you need help clearing.  

Lorraine Tan : Had lots of fun ! Amazing. Awesome !!!Thank you very much .  

Katarzynia Khanchandani : Thank you for showing your knowledge about ADVANCED  ThetaHealing  modalities. I enjoyed attending the course and getting mote detailed inputs about ThetaHealing modalitites. I feel more confident now to practise thetahelaing on myself and oythers . Love , K 


2017 Workshops

Basic ThetaHealing DNA1 & 2 

Shirley Tay : The course is very extra-ordinary and the results are amazing. The course content is very detailed and I have learnt so much in just 3 days! . Evlyn is very compassionate and nurturing teacher . She facilitated the class in a lively and enjoyable way! Thnak you evlyn for sharing your knowledge and imparting your wisdom so generously. Thak you for accomodating and being so sensitive in meeting our needs for our healing needs. Thank you for being so loving!

Olga L Arango : Evlyn knows how to transfer her knwoledge . Great , loving, professional healer and teacher. Evlyn and her beautiful soul allowed us students to open up and share our most sacred fears and issues. Thank you Evlyn for your  love and light! I will definitely continue on the Advanced Level.

Lorraine Tay : Amazing journey ! Fantastic discovery! Dearest Evlyn , you are wonderful !Thank you so much .


Dig Deeper 

2016 workshops 

Basic DNA 1 & 2
Edward Tan : An insightful and alternative way of healing. A lot of mysterious timing in life. Most important to tap the highest and correct energy source for healing. 
Chia Xun An : I have learnt to tap and trust my intuition and connection to the Creator Of All That Is via ThetaHealing to be a witness of the co-creation to positve change , Some aspects were fun-filled especially the muscle testing technique , yes serve an important purpose. 
Seevarathenam J : I have learnt a lot of skills during the 3 day course. There were a lot of hands on sessions to practise whatever you have learnt. Duirng the basic course, I have learnt to heal any issue that I may have at the core , genetic, history and soul levels. Ms Evlyn was also patient and provided al lot of inputs during the workshop. 
Marcella Scaldaferri : It was an amazing experience and great way to start 2016! So many things have been cleared and I'm looking forward for future changes . Thank you Evlyn. Thank you Creator! Thank you Evlyn for sharing and teaching the technic in such an easy and natural way! It was the best way to start the year! I can feel so many things have changed inside of me already.
Charlene Chua : Its amazing that this workshop provides more than what I have expected. For the past years , I have been working hard to change myself , thoughts, belief systems . Its a lot of hard work with low success rates. Theta(healing)  changes everything in seconds. It will be of benefit when I do readings. 
Rachel Lim : ThetaHealng is beyond NLP, Hypnotherapy and so many healing modalities. If paper has moved to the typewriter, computer and mobile phone, then know that healing world too has evolved  and sped up in effectiveness and ease of use and learning . Take ThetaHelaing and come into the new age of healing world that is available in 2016  ;) Evlyn is a spiritual , gifted healer , We are so fortunate to have her leading the way here in Singapore. Thank you for holding and taking me through this healing jurney and reconnecting with the Creator of all That Is . I am grateful. 

Sok Hong: Come to this class without any expectation but gain a lot of experience and knowledge after 3 days. I'm now able to 'see' colours, be more confident and more positive self -beliefs. Good start for a brand New Year. Wonderful Evlyn, to show and share with us this experience . Thank you Evlyn for being such a patient and nurturing teacher.

Nicole Ting : Great way to begin to get connected with the Highest Source!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me in this course!!!
Deena Shanmugam : It is an eye-opening experience . The exercises and the experience sharing makes all the difference. While the book is available in the bookstore, its only the workshop that provides practical experience. 
Vivian  Teo : New Learnings , fun & easy to learn, Dont have to suffer to be spriritually growing. Thanks for the patience love + help . I enjoy the class, 
Michel Wong : First day was good. Second day was good. Third day was interesting as DNA activation and repair is really engaging.
Deena S : I was personally able to experience many of the concepts taught in the book. The downloads were invaluable and usually not possible to be done systematically as was done in the owrkshop. 
Rachel Lim : Programs are downloads, and they are the best part. Partner work to experience and go through the Thetahealing exercises are highly fun, practical , beneficial , fast, quick safe and easy with Evlyn. Thank you Evlyn for helping to hold and uplift the time and space. You are greatly appreciated. <3
Sam Tan: Excited & glad to ler limiting beliefs. Also having fun in the class to practise healign in classmates. Thank you for all the wonderful +clearing + sharing.
GAME OF LIFE  (Jun 2016)
Cheah Kok Yew : We discovered hidden beliefs - like a penalty vow - blocking our flow of abundance. We were grateful for "the Divine Timing" session affirming our connection to supreme Light and our journey according to Divine Timing. We are grateful to Rachel, Marcela, Siew Geck, Yi Ting, Lay Ping and Sam Tan for being our classmates. 
Toh Lay Ping : It is very enlightening . As we articulate our issues in each reflection section, clarity comes out from oursleves.  It is very empowering exercise. As we test for beliefs, the articulation comes out even clearer, and we can identify more acutely and accurately what had bee a fuzzy concept. As we do the downloads, most of the limiting beleifs were released effortlessly. digging was also a very good exercise to hone our skills . It is becoming easier as I do more of it. 
Sam Tan :  Excellent workshop, we especially enjoy the 'Divine Timing' session where we share our visions. We also enjoy the teamwork in helping our classmates in clearing undesirable , subconscious beliefs. The 'downloads' are wonderful as they clear the issues effectively and efficiently. Thank you . We are grateful for your dedication , and nice food and chololates.
Aw Siew Geck : Amazing experience - Dropping limiting beliefs can be done withing minutes and new empowerinf ones downloaded within minutes too. I am experiencing my birthright power to complete limiting beliefs that held me back, and creating new ones that empower me to live the life I love. Truly life-changing experience! 
Rachel Lim :  Are you ready to play and win the game of life? Do you still wonder what are the rules? Free your soul and mind from the traps of old programs and experience the FEELING of freedom , joy , peace and connection to the Creator of all that is. Guiding. loving, communicating with, and embracing you .=)  YES! I invite you in  =) come! . Evlyn, Thank you for holding space and making all of these lessons and classes possible. Thank you for the downloads and all you've given and provided. 
Cheah Yi Ting : It has been an eye-opening journey and this course is so amazing because it really covers all aspects of life. It is empowering and inspirational.  Definitely recommended! Seeing other people being passionate about thier visions is so amazing, even when all of them are really different. Thank you so much for opening up this opportunity . It allowed me to gain a lot of perspective. 
Marcela Scaldaferri : Very important beleif cleansing and downloads for success. I really enjoyed myself, and I'm grateful for being able to do acquire all these tools. Thank you Creator of all that is, Evlyn and all my classmates. 
Lay Ping : Very interesting and very useful and enlightening excercises to see ourselves and our circumstances clearer. 
Rachel Lim : Healing and clearing always starts before class begins. I was surprised to receive the downloads as they are not included in the workbook. Its a continusous discovery of blocks and previously hidden / ignored issues related to having a harmonious relationship. Thank you for conducting this class Evlyn.
Cheah  Yi Ting: Interesing . Thanks for the class. I would like the workbook to include downloads and  beliefs so that students can relfect and reslove them in their own time . 
Marcela Scaldferri : Very important beleif cleansing and downloads for success. I really enjoyed myself, and I'm grateful for being able to do acquire all these tools. Thank you Creator of all that is, Evlyn and all my classmates. 

2015 Workshops


(Aug ) 

Devadas G. Panicker : I was 'asked' to attend this class no matter what! I hesitated and felt 'bad' and once I decided to go I felt uplifted. Evlyn said she was expecting a male energy to join us. That was me. I felt  lighter and burdens lifted off ( burdens that have been there a long time - something I needed to realize) . Go for this course . Work on yourself and no one is more important thatn you !!! Thank you for doing the 'Fear work' exercise for me. You have my gratitude ( Me and Myself . Thank you ).

VR Sooria: I love the workshop . I would speak about this course to some of my friends . Evlyn, you are simply down to earth and have released the studies of ThetaHealng so beautifully in me.

Toh Lay Peng : It was very good to have so many exercises throughout the course , where I can experience for myself and other classmates first hand, and also understand much broader concepts about life and energy than I was previously exposed to. Very great learning experience. I can't wait to experience the new me!

Lim Siew Cheng : Very interesting and benficial for self -improvement & to discover the beliefs that are not serving ourselves.

Aw Siew Geck : I experienced weights being lifted off me after each limiting belief is being released.

MIchelle C H Yeo: On the 8-8-2015 before coming to the class I found myself floating. After the class I felt lighter and on the second day it was better. Body detox and cleansing during the week. Body & Mind feel lighter and more calm.

Sam Tan : I feel the class is very good with all my classmates sharing openly and feel we are connected. I also feel energy flowing  and can sense that clearing as the energy leave during our practices as both the "parctitioner" and as the person receiving the healing. Good that we always change partners  to getl different perspectives during the sharing.

Veronica Danilov: This is my 4th basic Theta class ( 3rd time as an assistant) . I've seen that the learning material has grown and now covers more aspects. It is always an enriching experience. This time more than ever before. I'm very gratefu to Evlyn , a wonderful teacher with so much experience, for allowing me to participate and share. Thank you .It was amazing!!!

Anne Chiang : It was a very worthwhile experience to re-attend.

( Apr) 

Cheah Kok Yew : Basic DNA: We had misconceptions of visualisation prior to the class. We saw visions when we learned to trust the mind's eye. We experienced instant feelings of living in the Divine Time after downloading. We felt empowered after the 2nd day.  

Cassie Dong:  Basic DNA :A very intensive 3 day programme with lots of hands-on healing sessions. Loads of information and clearing taking place. A feeling of a new beginning after the workshop. Highly recommended.               

Agnes Khew: Basic DNA : I feel more empowered , having the ability to heal myslef and others, esp for myself.

Advanced DNA2 : Amazing. Interesting. Cried and cleared a lot. Deep Healing.

Wess Chia: Basic DNA:  Better Understanding of the self and personal empowerment to work on self.

Jidesh Kambil : Basic DNA : Interesting experience. Thank you for the class and hospitality.


Jurina Lee Abdullah:   Ms Evlyn is an awesome healer and teacher. She actually shared and gave us more that what I expeected. I am very grateful and thankful to participate in Evlyn's class. She empowers me and gives me confidence to move beyond myself . Thanks U Evlyn! God bless U!

"Dear Evlyn,
Thank you for the wondrous Thetahealing Basic DNA class. I wish to give a testimony here.
During the teleport exercise to my house, I could sense an undescribable vibration in my dry kitchen area but was unable to tell what exactly it is. 
The next day after I return to Kuala Lumpur, I went into my dry kitchen and could smell something unpleasant but was unable to identify what exactly it was and where it was coming from. No it does not smell like rats. 
I kept asking Creator to show me and I was led to a pot where I kept eggs. The eggs look fresh but I could trace the odour coming from underneath the eggs. So I brought out all the eggs, there was a stained kitchen tissue under there. I removed it and found wriggly (fat) worms at the bottom of the pot. YUCKS! None of the eggs were bad nor cracked. 

Could this mean that during Thetahealing exercise Creator showed me that something is gonna show up before it happened on the day of exercise?"



Trudy Loh : I feel happy and at peace with what I have realised and experienced during this workshop. I feel I am ready and open to being with a soulmate.

Emi Murata : I was really enjoying this course and the sharing with other people ( in class) . I was wondering how much trauma I have in this life and previous life that I have found.

Fiona  Kwok : Useful to discover and remove beleifs that do not serve me. I would recommend others to attend this workshop.

Anu : I would recommend others to attend this workshop.



Marie Cronogue : If you are looking to move forward in your life, this course is for you. Thanks Evlyn as always a great time, and for your patience and healing & support .

Trudy Loh : have clarity about what I would like to manifest with the willingness to accept it.  Thank you for the sessions . Helped me acheive clarity  and have a better understanding of manifesting.

Rachna Khare : Celared a lot of old beliefs of self preferred procrastination. At the end of the class I am a more focussed motivated energetic happy individual without fear of the unexpected.

Tara : Comprehensice coverage : going into the essence of manifesting your dreams.  Good for wrapping up on the earlier courses . Gain so much confidence after this course.

Anu : Enjoyed the class and benefitted from this workshop. 




Ping : Very amazing to downlaod these information directly and clear blockages. Very effective way to heal. Very systematic and structured. 

Siew Geck : I find it very easy to change beliefs in an instant.  Amazing. 

Veronika Danilov:  Very informative , helpful , joyful . It is the seond time I attend this course and I find it more detailed, touching more aspects than the previous time. I had a wonderful time of learning, relearning and experiencing . Thank you so much, Evlyn !

Siew Cheng : Very informative and helpful to know what knds of unconscious belliefs we have. 

Anne Chiang: Worthwhile experience. Glad I came, So much to absorb - got to get understand more when I read later. 

Devadas :  I am now comfortable to use Thetahealing on myself, my family and friends. 

( July) 

Agnes Khew: :  Advanced DNA2 : Amazing. Interesting. Cried and cleared a lot. Deep Healing.

Cheah Kok Yew :  Advanced DNA2: Thank u very much Evlyn , Casey n Agnes, we had a lot of fun.

Cassie Dong:  Advanced DNA2 : Great releasing of 3Rs and replacing with poistive feelings through downloads. Feeling much more peaceful and the energy of love and gratitude. Thanks Evlyn ! Like the healing in progress :-)



Devadas : The important lesson in this class i took back  - my life experiences were teaching me to own my true power. 

Ann Chiang : It has been a good expereince. I had 3 major reprogramming  The session with ( Evlyn) was particularly helpful.

Lim Siew Cheng : It is very helpful to get clearings & insgihts for us to work on ourself. 


Agnes Khew : Interesting! Empowering! And it is easy to practise in our everyday lives.

Cheah Kok Yew : This class is an expansion of DNA 1 & 2 . The last Vianna meditation was especially powerful . All wishes became "embodied".  This course will be standard training for future SMEs and corporations.

Austen Cheah : An eye opener as how to manifest from the 7th Plane. It helps me crystalise my desires in life.

Cassie Dong It is interesting to know that abundance blocks are most of the time not related to money. Good clearing session for those blocks.




Advanced DNA2

Trudy Loh :

Basic (21-23 Feb)  : Its a powerful technique that I find useful. Especially the manifesting part. For a long time I've been reading about manifesting and it can be conceptual. Here is a tangible thechnique that shows me how. I enjoyed and benifitted from this workshop.  I would recommend others to attend this workshop .

Afternote on 10 Mar: " Hi, thought you may want to know that one of the manifestations on a friendship that had some tension  last year came through for me.  My friend called and we met last Friday. Am grateful. Trudy"

Advanced (21-23 Mar)  : The work is simple and powerful. It removes beliefs that have limited me, even though I did not reliase were there. Feel lighter!


Basic (21-23 Feb)


Rachna Khare :

Basic ( 9-11 May) : Enlightening , invigorating , out of the world experience. Received much more by way of material and spiritual inputs from an intensely warm spiritual human being than expected before commencing the course.

Advanced (26-28 Jul) : I cleared a lot of old negative beliefs and gave a whole new perspective of living in peace without anxiety, fear, resentment. Connected with grandfather whom I have never seen in this life and received a profound lesson on acheiving in sync with my potential. 

Frances Kong :

Advanced (26-28 Jul) : Nice & safe place to release what needs to b e released & healed. Thank you Evlyn- I enjoyed the class! Feel empowered !

Muriel Bauer: 

Basic (9-11 May) : I got a lot in days, huge amount of information and opportunities to actually experience. Much more than I expected , which is great.  Just I felt that some of the concepts on DNA stuff and the Brain on Day 3 can have more info. As a Facilitator , you are very nice & welcoming :) Thank you very much and I hope to attend another course.

Anu Annapurna :

Basic ( 27-29 Jun ). this class/ method is great for working on yourself as a start. It also encourages you to " PIN POINT"  your issues and have confidence that you can get Creator's help.  I enjoyed the course thoroughly . Thanks.

Advanced (26-28 Jul) : Claring my resentment of mother late in the afternoon. Had worked on rejection by mother at the Basic class already. by 10 pm that night, my mother gifted me 2 heirloom rings!

Great class. good interation between teacher ,students and patience on all sides !

Saro A:  Basic ( 27-29 Jun ). Reaching the 7th plane in a fast way was new to me. After the 1st day, found that this method was fast and easy. Enjoyed it. 3rd eye warms up fast in the 7th plane.

Yvonne Yeo

Basic ( 27-29 Jun ). I had a good time learning this new modality. Evlyn is a good teacher who knows her material. Very generous with her teas. Very approachable.


Basic ( 27-29 Jun ). Comfortably paced lessons. Practical sessions just right for workshop.

Advanced (26-28 Jul) : Learn quite a lot of new concepts. Mastered quite a lot of skills. Very fun. Met very nice fellow participants.

Star Walker .

This blue lotus mysteriously decided to come alive after almost a year of neglect because I had sort of given up on it. Coincidentally, it started sprouting only during the last three days, as I was attending Evlyn WY Cheong's Advance Theta Healing in which one module covered training on communications with plants, yes, plants. Maybe this blue lotus has decided the time has come to give me a chance to learn secrets from the magical world.

( 23 -24 Aug)

Trudy: Thank you for organising the class and supporting me to clear my blocks.

Tara : All the impt details of manifesting are covered so that we can manifest better.



1) Marie Cronogue

Awesome. Loved it. Great all round. Enjoyed and benefited from class.  Confident of using ThetaHealing on self and others.

2) Henry P

Below is my feedback for the wonderful class you conducted. You are a professional and very devoted to your work. You always do your best and put all your experience in every class. You keep working on and you want to make every teaching , download and digging to be so very precise and accurate. Your open mindedness, helpfulness and humbleness puts you well. I must say " Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed your class and lool forward to August class.




1) Ella Sherman

A lovely teacher who really cares for her students :)  Thorough and calm.  Enjoyed the class and benefited from the workshop.

2) Janis Lee*

Enjoyed the workshop  . Benefitted from the many downloads of positive feelings , and downloads for " the withouts" . Doing what I thought was impossible eg Healing the baby in the womb exercise, healing the broken heart .  I am thankful. I can move on. Thanks. 

3) Henry P

Have gathered comprehensive aspects of Rainbow Children during the class. Enjoyed  and benefited.   

4) Cheah SC

 Its very interesting clearing my office space. So easily done and not scary at all.  After the command, the process just happened remotely, and when its done bright light came on again. The teacher knows her material and covered all the material. Enjoyable. 



1) Henry P

Basic : This course is very interesting and powerful, filled with fun and loving.  In general, the instructor exceeded my expectation with hospitality  profoundly.

Advanced :  see email below

2) Najma Glaldari

Basic : Experienced pure happiness and Joy. Lots of sparks , and colorful rainbows  :)

3) Bonnie Lim

Basic : You have released some very deep thoughts that I have been keeping to myself without knowing. And the healings have freed me so that I feel really light and happy now.

4) Sujan Rai

Basic : From this ThetaHealing basic course I came to realise that I am a powerful being who can change the destiny of our ownself, heal myself a well as other with the help of God. I am nothing more than energy. I have enjoyed the workshop very much because my colleagues were so friendly and our teacher Evlyn is so good in making us understand the topics and I am impressed by her warm smile. 

5) Janis L.P. Lee

Basic : I appreciate how the master Evlyn taught us. Thank you. I understand more how beliefs play in my life. Now I know thoughts are so powerful in a positive way. The class is fun. Thank you Evlyn.

6) Marc Y.L. Lew

Basic : Realised that your future is not cas in stone! You create your future & destiny. We are "powerful" souls in our own right and there is nothing to fear about ... be it spells,curses , wayward  spirits and so on.

7) Edward P.C. Cheong

Basic : Something new which I did not experience before. Need more practices on my own to gain more confidence & Theta healing on others.

8) Austen Cheah

Advanced :  Just in time for my NS.  So many positive 'feelings' downloads to see me through my 2 years in the army ^.^


Re: After a Theta Healing class


date: 7 April 2013 09:55

Dear Evlyn,
 Would like to thank you and your family for the wonderful hospitality and perfect friendship gesture you exhibited during my three days course.
The article you sent  was very helpful, as I abruptly became lazy after returning from Singapore, can't do a thing including my work for days till I received that wonderful article from you.
You are doing a very good job, and particularly your teaching method that goes in place and it's precise. Yes,  just 3 days, of that course I really had good experiences and enjoyed them all.   Still looking forward to the rest and expecting greater experiences. Thank you So much.
Kind Regards, 

SOULMATE ( 2 days. Pre-requisite : Basic ThetaHealing ) 

1) Marie Cronogue . 

Fabulous as always. Evlyn is an amazing teacher. 

2)  Najma Gladari

Pink Bubbles of love / compassion. A very fun workshop. Lots of laughter.  Thank you for the fun and laughter. Thank you for the yummy treats, curry puffs :) 

3) Janis Lee

I love it . Never knew I had so many beliefs . After this class I will be more and more centred  . Thank you Evlyn. 

4) ES

Lovely Teacher




1) Jane Tumbri .

Basic :Dearest Evlyn, Thank you! What a fantastic experience. My intuition has opened to new heights. The theta mode is perfect for me - and I enjoyed connecting with the Creator over many times which was a magical and heart opening experience. My heart ws expanded and I felt the Creator's love. Lots of love & blessings., Jane .

Advanced : The ThetaHealing modality reinforces my beliefs that the Creator and us are one and that miraculous healings can happen when we open our hearts and allow the energies to flow in union with Source.

2) Marianne Kipper.

Basic : I've been visitng Theta Healers for a few years but never thought I'll be able to do it myself. You did a great job Evlyn & after 1½ days I could actually heal others. That is a brilliant method/ modality and you taught me well . Thank you.

Advanced DNA2 : Thanks Evlyn you are the exact mentor I needed to move forward! The group was great in size and spirits!

3) Neha Diwan.

Basic: The teacher was very very thorough. I enjoyed the class;  it was lovely.

Advanced : Evlyn is a great healer and a wonderful teacher. She is very patient . And takes time to explain to you.

4) Marie Cronogue .

Basic : The teacher knows her material and have a clear understanding of it. Enjoyed the class.

Advanced DNA2 : Advnaced DNA2 :Love the whole thng although the first day I felt that there was too many downloads. Thanks.

5) Ella Sherman .

Basic :God bless you Evlyn ! Keep up the good work :)  Thank you Evlyn . <3<3<3<3<3

Advanced : Thank you Evlyn .Enjoy the chocolates.


6) Faya Gueye .

Basic: I like that this workshop is very interactive, and you can practise a lot and you can actually see how it works, and feel from a very intimate level.

7) Krishan

Basic :I thorougly enjoyed this workshop. The hospitality and loving energy was wonderful. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the Advanced course.

Advanced : I attended the Basic workshop a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, and am glad that I have been able to attend the advanced workshop which I had enjoyed very much. Thank you Evlyn for a wonderful workshop. Keep up the good work you are doing and am looking forward to the practice sessions to further hone my skills in susing Theta Healing.

8) Harry Nandan

Basic : The teacher knows her material. I enjoyed the class very much.

Advanced: It opened up my mind to realsie that the Creator of All That Is is dear , and give me a better understanding of feelings from the 7th plane. I feel more at peace with myself and have leartn that I can be free to love myslef ( which I couldn't before) . No more blocks. Need more practice.

9) Adelle Cheah ( 15 years)

Advanced : A nice experience. I liked receiving downloads! And learning how to talk to plants . They're so cute >.<. Thetahelaing is so interesting because I get to see SO MANY AMAZING  abd cool things! And I get to witness healings brought about by the Creator, I enjoy this modality ( even though its my fist)  and if I get the chance, I don't mind, and wojuld like to learn more >.<  3 cheers for Mama  >.<  wheeee.

10)  Kelly Brimblecombe.

Basic : Interesting and easy to appy modality. Information presented well. Teacher is knowleadegeable & passionalte about the technique. I think the kids workshop of ( a few) afternoons would work well . Shorter days.  Aternoon exercise was very good.

11) Skye Reymill .

Basic: an informative and enjoyable introduction into Theta. Thanks Evelyn. Love Skye x


Manistesting & Abundance  workshop by ThetaHealing®

Tan Eng Howe , Sep 2012

The course brought out a lot of clarity and awareness of why I am not acheiving the true abundance. The digging exercises are wonderful practice for me to develop my abilities as a Theta Healer .

Adelle Cheah

Got to clear lots of blocks to manifesting & abundance. Feel good.Nice course. I hope my abundance list comes true! And M & A is cool.


 RHYTHM a Perfect Weight by ThetaHealing®

Marianne Kipper

Song of the Heart was a great practice -  I enjoyed it very much.  And the " secret tip" is so clever , a must-do for all souls that do not need the extra- weight !



Tan Eng Howe.  Basic ThetaHealing . Advanced DNA, Apr/May 2011

 "There's so much to say about the Basic and Advanced DNA class I really don't know where to begin.

  I've been keen on the subject of metaphysics for several years now. I practice and am quite proficient in Taiji, Qigong and Reiki. When I chanced upon thetahealing.com by chance, I was quite intrigued by what the modality could lead us. I was really glad to find Evlyn Cheong, our course teacher who was planning to start her first official class.

 Anticipation turned into amazement when we discovered how easily we could learn and practice such sacred information. It's indeed a life changing experience. Understanding the 7 planes of existence was something I've never learnt before. Uncertainties about life and death was so completely explained. Indeed, folks around me thought I seem enlightened.

 Experiencing miracles is beginning to be a regular encounter since learning theta healing. Moments before writing this testimonial, I was feeling nauseous from too much computer work. I had no appetite for dinner. So I went into theta state and sent healing energies into my body. I instantly felt well again. As part of the course, we did a group healing on my daughter. At 12 years old, she was showing a rebellious streak and we had difficulty communicating with her. I envisioned sending her unconditional love and actually visualized her surrounded by pink light. That night when I got home, she was unusually chatty and she has been a different person since.

 I highly recommend anyone to join us in learning and practicing ThetaHealing. I do hope that together we make the world a better place. Free from fear, worries and pain.

 Sincerely,  Tan Eng Howe"

 Tan Teck Juon May 2011. Basic DNA1 & 2 .  Advanced DNA2

 "I am very fortunate to have Evlyn as my teacher who is passionate in delivering the fundamentals and coursework of Theta Healing. 

With my background as a health professional, Evlyn's dedication in sharing her profound knowledge has convinced me that ThetaHealing is most suitable and comprehensive healing modality of the century! "  Testimonials.jpg (1,8 MB)  


Cynthia Yap . Basic DNA1 & 2. Advanced DNA2. Oct/Nov 2011

Basic: A wonderful workshop for those who come without judgement, and with an open-mind and open-heart; for this provides the foundation for receiving full benefits of the workshop experience and personal healing. A workshop that can be so fun and full of love and laughter!

Thank you Evlyn for your love and support. Everything in perfect timing; and this workshop is perfect at this point of my life journey. Love always. 

Advanced: ThetaHealing has opened me to new insights and greater possibilities. During the workshop-practicals, the experience of receiving healing from the Seventh Plane was aboslutely beautiful. Come experience it for yourself. Even the Basic ThetaHealing suffice to bring you this connection. Fun! Fun! Fun! Ya! 

Thank you Evlyn for giving and sharing your love and light. HUG. - Cynthia


Sugirtha Muthu. Basic ThetaHealing.  Advanced DNA2. Oct/Nov 2011

Basic : The experience has brought new and much apppreciated insight, healing and better understanding to live a more meaningful life. 

Advanced: Enlightening! am encouraged to pursue greater self & spiritual knowledge & practice.


Cheah SC  Basic ThetaHealing.  Advanced DNA 2. Oct/Nov 2011

Basic : An enriching eye and mind opener. Sharing amongst participants particularly enlightening on life events. The teacher covered all material and more. 

Advanced :  Important to let go and let the energy flow. Very good feeling.



Evlyn's Testimonials



Hi Evlyn! How are you?
I'd like to tell you that your session did really good to me and the inpulses after eating are gone. I feel much better! However I still don't feel great because I'm eating quite a lot and I'm a little afraid of putting weight and reflect on my work. I was wondering if you could help me on those issues and maybe some downloads towards food and how I feel my body. Would you have a slot for this week?
Thank you in advance!

Enviado do meu iPhone

Em 9 de nov de 2015, às 09:44, Evlyn <thetamiraculous@gmail.com> escreveu:


fana gueye fana.gueye@yahoo.fr

13 July 2012 14:31 (2 hours ago)

to Jane, magrobotica, sharongoh9, fp2907, alvingoh9191, Richard_oon, may_hoh, yinloonglew, adrian.ng, olivia.choong, jaymathi, friendc99, shuyimun, me, kekkh
Dear friends,

Just wanted to share the theta healing session I had with Evlyn, the galactic nanny!

It lasted more than 2h...just amazing
Evlyn released a lot of things assisted by beings of light such as Isis, Anubis, Jesus, Mother Mary, Ganesh, Metatron, the beings from alpha centauri and Quan Yin.
I felt love and compassion and she released so many daggers I had in my body from previous psychic attacks ... She interacted with the baby too and had him listening to an awesome meditation for children... Baby likes her and kept giggling!

It is truly a very interactive and it is really a co-creation with your higher self. You manifest the intention to heal and Evlyn can go back to your ancestors, can heal your inner child and it works quite well on the physical part too.

Evlyn is very intuitive and truly a great listener and counsellor. She has a calming presence which places you in a sacred space of ease and comfort. It is Inspiring, expanding, uplifting and rejuvenating!
So I will be learning Theta Healing at the end of the month with her as I really resonate with this method.

God bless you all. Let me also share with you my inspiration for  this Friday : 

" Feel Love, be love, be light, be the Universe, Just BE "

And this message from Jeshua channeled yesterday :  

"Nurture you inner child
Love yourself as you are a child of God
Know that you are very much loved
You are never alone for I am always with you
You are blessed.

I am Jeshua the redeemed soul and I am soon to return."

How beautiful!
25 Aug 2012.
Marie had ThetaHealing sessions with me and attended both the Basic ThetaHealing DNA1 & 2, and the Advnaced ThetaHealing.
  • Marie Cronogue
    Hi Evelyn
    Yes sure and thanks for today was great as always. Well my business has flourished since doing the theta healing and more than doubled my income so am very happy about that
    Thanks so much
  • Marianne V Kipper So happy Marie!! Soon should be growing even more after M&A course :-) was lovely to see you!!


  • Marie Cronogue

      Hi Hon feel so much better, your very good these days,  really shifting at the moment xx thks .  24 Jun 14 via What's App


Jurina Lee Abdullah

On 11 October 2012 12:55, jurina abdullah <jurinaleeab@yahoo.com> wrote:

Got another testimony to share..
every morning my son will take his school $$ from my wallet without waking me. His budget is rm10 per day but he would take extra rm10 for 'this and that'... 
Well, after the session with you, he hardly take even his rm10 school money anymore! 
From: Evlyn <thetamiraculous@gmail.com>
To: jurina abdullah <jurinaleeab@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 12:43 PM
Subject: testimonial


Hi Jurina,

Thanks for agreeing to post this as testimonial. Great meeting u again.  I just quoted from  our What's App  exchange. Or you prefer to give a short writeup?


J : " Hi, R u free for a session ? Have issue of people owing me money withour feeling guilty"  >_<

(3 Oct  2012,  day after session) 

J: " Know something... I was queing up for kfc n a beggar walked in asking customer for donation. But he did not ask from me . Did not even look my way  :)

Evlyn : Yeah u r not the underdog target anymore.

 J : Yeah !!!! Thx Evlyn ! Tq Creator!!

( END of QUOTE)            


Alla Oberoi on 11-2-2014

" How are you Evlyn?Thank you so much for the session yesterdat. It turns out it's all about using my energy. I am feelin glots of changes. Now I know everything is goin gto be ok and feel no fear." " It feels amazing. I finally feel I am on my ownlife path and he can't ake advantage of me anymore. My mond and soul are connected now and it makes all the difference. I am feeling really nice."

12-2-2014  : " Evlyn I am sorry I am sending you so many messages but I really want to share this. Vibration changed so much I find  it difficult to  use my clothes bags etc  I feel I need everything new for new me :)  Yes its a wonderful feeling. I will be an XXX and it will happen miraculously  and easy and fast :) "

Ella Sherman Boudier 2012


As you know, I love animals and really enjoy doing energy healing on them. This is my friend's sweet dog, Ashley, who had a couple of nasty operations on his urinary tract which resulted in issues peeing out of his wound rather than his, erm, pecker. Thus, not one to say no, I did a healing on his wee pecker. The poor little thing hadn't peed for 3 days and was leaking out of his wound. I did a powerful Theta Healing together with Jay Seuss and when I finished low and behold he peed (3 days worth of pee). He had more energy, some colour in his dimples, and was a heck of a lot happier. Ashley was scheduled for another operation with the vet but this was cancelled as there was no need! Since then, he's come on in leaps and bounds and is a much happier little feller. He's even peed on my foot a couple of times and I think he's showing his appreciation. Theta Healing rocks! Move over Cesar Milan! From the 'Dog Pecker Healer' of Singapore


Janis Lee

I thank you for helping me to release my childhood sadness, helplessness and anger, and let go with peace and with love <3 

All is our drama story. Thank you again. I feel great and I deserve a good life, and I win my life back <3  <3 . I have told some of my freinds, and they took your contact. Have a good day.  via sms May 2013.


Maarie Cronogue

I feel great also after mine feel we cleared a lot your a great healer Evelyn really appreciate all your support xx

via Whats App . 30 Sep 2013


Miracle and Synergy of ThetaHealing®  and Sacred Activations at ICU. Apr 2014

I returned to Singapore from Japan on 24 Apr late into the night.  I woke up rather late the next morning to 2 sms on my mobile. Both are about the same coma case at the ICU of a local hospital. The patient went into a coma on Friday afternoon 24 Apr. The family of the coma patient was told that there was nothing further the hospital can do for the patient , and it was up the patient whether he wanted to wake up.  The patient's sister told me that their last hope is ThetaHealing. At first I was very hesitant as to whether I should take the case. I did a remote scanning and saw the soul floating about half a metre or 2 feet above the physical body.  I checked with the Creator and the answers I got was that yes I would be of help and that he would require 8 sessions with me . I took the case simply based on faith and I do   believe in miracles.

On my first day at the hospital ICU was on Monday 28 Apr.  I had to wear a mask, scrub my hands, and then simply tune in. Honestly speaking,  I was at a loss as how to begin with a patient who was in a coma. I started with ThetaHealing and this brought his soul back into his body .  As the sessions went on, I phased in   Sacred Activations as guided by the Creator . Both tap into the energy of the Creator of all that is.  I also had to do Thetahealing digging work with a coma patient!  I was touched by the love and patience of the wife has for her husband, and I was sure the patient felt it too. She remained hopeful throughout.  The doctors were not encouraging at all and had told the wife at least twice ( on the 5th day into the coma  and the 10th day)  that there was no chance of the patient waking up.  We just pressed on simply trusting the Creative energy of all that is. The messages were very supportive along the way. I visited the ICU almost everyday. 

At the end of the 8 sessions on Wednesday, I told the patient who is still in a coma that it would be my last visit.  He somehow heard me and kept on coughing  till his face turned red as if in a panic.   He would need 2-3 weeks to integrate the healing energies. The timing was perfect as I had a Basic ThetaHealing class over the weekend Fri- Sun.  I checked with his wife the following  Monday and I  was told that her husband (the patient) opened his eyes for 5 min on 12 May, after 17 days in a coma. This was also the day after my class. Such Divine Timing!  I was so happy for the patient , his wife, his son  and his parents . We wanted to share this happiness 'with the world'. She said "yes please" . On 20 May, the patient's wife told me that her husband (the  patient) opened his eyes for nearly the whole day. I expect a steady road to recovery.  Thank you Creator , it is done. Evlyn ,   Certified Thetahealing ®  Master Practitioner and Instructor .  Certified  Sacred Activations Master Practitioner.



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