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life / fate / order or command / to assign a name, title etc

mouth / classifier for things with mouths (people, domestic animals, cannons, wells etc)

to order / to command / an order / warrant / writ / to cause / to make sth happen / virtuous / honorific title / season / government position (old)




Fun with ThetaHealing®

04/09/2015 23:24

Witnessing Chemistry at work in the stomach

I witnessed an instant healing within the stomach ( the organ).  A client came to me about her weight loss of 10 kg in the last 6 months and now weighs only 39 Kg.  She told me that she has no appetite, due to pain in her stomach.  Her doctor did not detect ulcers. I scanned her body...

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16/05/2014 22:38

The Sakura Tree that bloomed for me

I was going through the segment on manifesting in last week's Basic ThetaHealing class and elaborated that there is a 2 day Manifesting & Abundance class for those who want to clear blocks and receive downloads . Someone in the class asked me to give an example what I've manifested so far....

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19/08/2013 16:11

Witnessing Instantaneous healing in 2013

 I'm happy to witness some instantaneous healing. Case#1.   The issue started off around money issues of  Mr Daniel's business: how difficult it was to get his clients to pay money owed to him.  In the digging that followed we found out that he hated being treated unfairly, and...

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18/12/2012 22:24

Up the 7th Plane in a jiffy in Turkey

14 Dec 2012 . Capadocia, Turkey. I gave an emergency Theta healing inside the ancient underground city of Kaymakli which was dug out from rocks at Capadocia in Turkey. One elderly gentleman, Mr X, who was traveling with my group got into breathing difficulty three quarter- way through the...

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08/06/2012 14:30

Miraculous In India

In India I  gave 2 miraculous healing sessions while in India in late Feb/Mar 2012. 10 year old Gabriel. The first was given to 10 year old Gabriel.  Muthu, Singapore’s favourite Nadi leaf reader,  and I were traveling with a hired driver along the east coast of Tamil Nadu. On the...

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My 2013 Reflections on the Collective Consciouness

1) Healing the Collective Consciouness became part of my awareness in 2013. To date , I am only aware of 2 modalities that heals at the collective consciouness level namely Sacred Activations™ , and the Direction Technique™'s   'Healing the Collective' . I realised that the collective consciouness affects our phyche and well being. We do not live in isolation from the collective consciouness; we are linked at the 3rd dimension . By healing  the collective consciouness of various belief systems of the human race, and of diseases, we unplug and also heal ourselves more completely. 

My 2014 Reflections on Trust

Trusting the Creator of all that is : a case at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

This is a story of love, trust, hope, and miracles. The patient went into a coma on Friday afternoon 24 Apr. The family of the coma patient was told that there was nothing further the hospital can do for the patient , and it was up the patient whether he wanted to wake up.  The patient's sister told me that their last hope is ThetaHealing. At first I was very hesitant as to whether I should take the case. I did a remote scanning and saw the soul floating about half a metre or 2 feet above the physical body.  I checked with the Creator and the answers I got was that yes I would be of help and that he would require 8 sessions with me . I took the case simply based on faith and I believe in miracles.

I started with ThetaHealing and this brought his soul back into his body.  As the sessions went on, I phased in Sacred Activations as guided by the Creator. Both tap into the 7th Plane, into the energy of the Creator of all that is.  I was touched by the love and patience of the wife has for her husband, and I was sure the patient felt it too. She remained hopeful throughout.  The doctors were not encouraging and had told the wife that there was no chance of the patient waking up.  We just pressed on simply trusting the Creative energy of all that is. The messages were very supportive along the way. I visited the ICU almost everyday.  At the end of the 8 sessions on Wednesday, I told the patient who is still in a coma that it would be my last visit.  He somehow heard me and kept on coughing  till his face turned red as if in a panic.  On the following  Monday I  was told that her husband (the patient) opened his eyes for 5 min on 12 May, after 17 days in a coma.  On 20 May, the patient's wife told me that her husband (the  patient) opened his eyes for nearly the whole day. I expect a steady road to recovery.  Thank you Creator , it is done.

update: The patient is now ( Sep 2014 ) awake and alert,  and is now undergoing speech and physio therapy



My 2016 Reflections on Synchronicity

Re-directed to attend a TH Elective in Athens
The threatened strike by Athens air traffic Controllers over the weekend resulted in the extension of 2 days here. It left me frantic . I was unable to reach Air Austria airlines and the lines were all jammed, and speaking only English is a handicap . Even the Greek speakin gfriends at the Thetahealing Dig Deeper teachers class could not reach by local lines, In the end my husband has to book Swiss Air from Singapore , and they only have return airticket Business class from Athens to Vienna.  Swiss Air is willing to take bookings as they estimated the strike will end by then. So I was stuck in Athens for another 2 days. By synchronicity , there was an elective ' Think What You Think' during these 2 unplanned days . The orgniser was making announcemnts at the end of the Thetahealing seminar . So I immediately registered , and they accept credit card payment . It was meant to be , but the re-direction was stressful as well.  Such synchronicity how things come together . Met such warm soul family . It was a great class on clearing brain stuff, and just trust . How does it get better than this?
Fulfilling a past vow 

Do you believe in synchronicity ? This is the second one in my recent trip overseas. This one rolled out in very unexpected ways. At the end of a one week vacation in Austria with my hubby , I was to return to Athens for another 2 days before my flight home to Singaapore. He continued his trip to Frankfurt for his work. I met a lovely lady at Vienna airport . We both missed our flights to Athens by 3 min, and the earliest flight out for me was to be the next morning . I bought the air ticket on the spot. I dread going to a hotel because I am not familiar with Vienna and it was already 5 pm . I asked her where she lives . By synchronicity she lives in Vienna, close to a station in a suburb on the same line that leads to an interchange with connection to the airport . I offered to pay her Airbnb rates and she agreed to take me in for the night. I ended up having dinner with her at a local restaurant with authentic Viennese food and volunteered to buy her dinner . We talked about my trip to Athens to attend the Dig Deeper teachers course with Vainna. I noticed that while walking back , the full moon was above us . See picture of the full moon above her. She offered to waive the charges for my overnight stay, and  we continued to talk about the concept of energies and Thetahealing . There was a lot of trust and flow in our conversation.  When I later asked Creator why I missed my flight, I was shown a wedding couple taking vows in a church. Odd at first; later it occurred to me it's a past life thingy . She also said that we are meant to meet, and I agreed. It's something I needed to complete. That night we even had a full moon for clearing. Like watching a TV drama. I just had to give her a 1.5 hour  Thetahealing session; it was a good session adding to my memorable trip to Austria. I'm sharing because when friends ask me how's Vienna , I can't help but recall this little adventure. But next time , I want less surprises .

I find meditation one of the best way to cut away the noise and ego, and to go within myself. Places like nature is a good place to meditate, Energy centres and sacred places are also worth connecting to . 


At the centre of a Crop Circle near Glastonbury, England. Aug 2017 . 

Thsi crop circle was one week old when I visited it . I could see the Horus energy when I tapped in.


We can be in a Reflective mode just by Walking or swimming by the beach. I relfect about the wonders of Mother Earth. 

Maldives 2018.

What Do You Think?

27/05/2013 23:06

What is Life's secret code?

What do we want in life? Some of us want more money, to be successful, to be recognised, to be appreciated, to be loved, to have freedom, to have peace etc. It ultimately comes to one basic thing: We want to be Happy.  What is limiting you ? what are our limiting beliefs? Do you know what...

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08/06/2012 14:12

What is Peace, Love & Oneness ?

I've been asked by one of my students recently ( June 2012)  to give my thoughts on what Peace, Love & Oneness means to me. As a ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® instructor, I believe that our feelings, thoughts & beliefs play a great part in self -mastery & hence our healing. I...

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