My question is this: If everyone is able to listen to the activations on their own and go thru the activations as myself, where does the role of a Practitioner come into play? 


Firstly, practitioners don't only give the activations, they also use the sacred energies to clear specific issues, experiences and beliefs which come up for the client. This is much more focused than what the activations themselves will deliver.

Secondly, often people have serious life-stuff to deal with, for example abuse and trauma, and this can be very challenging by themselves. They may not even be able look at those things by themselves. When someone works with a practitioner, the practitioner holds the energy and creates a safe space for the client to release and process difficult stuff. If trauma comes up during the session, the practitioner can support and help to clear and release it. This isn’t something most clients could do by themselves.

Thirdly, the practitioner receives information during the sessions which will guide them as to what the client needs the most to help them shift a particular issue. This information is not likely to come to a client by themselves, so it would probably take them longer to get the same results.

Finally, when you work with a client over a period of time an element of mentoring can develop between you. This is a rewarding interaction for both the practitioner and the client.

So, to summarise, listening to the activations is brilliant, but someone will receive a more specific, focused healing from a practitioner, and will more than likely be able to clear deeper and more painful issues within that safe space, and get results more quickly.

Hope that helps!

Anne xxx



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