What Is Sacred Activations (LLP) ?


Our world and our history are full of conflict, fear, pain, intolerance, destruction and suffering. How many million times have people believed that violence and oppression was the answer to their problems? How many people’s lives have been limited by fear? What has all this suffering achieved for humankind? Absolutely nothing! The ‘War to End All Wars’ didn’t do anything of the kind. Listen to the news any day of the week and it is still full of violence and fear, powerlessness and lack. Fear breeds suspicion, which in turn breeds prejudice, conflict and suffering. This is a never-ending cycle of negativity which undermines us as individuals and as a planet.

Even when we have the intention of living through love, we are still undermined by the millions of fear-based programmes and beliefs held by our ancestors, and other people around us in the Collective Consciousness. If your ancestors believed they had to suffer, then this is in your DNA and you will be drawn back into this belief system even if you disagree with it consciously.
When you listen to the news, and all you hear is danger, terror, recession and poverty, this energy is magnified in the Collective Consciousness, sucking you back into the old patterns of fear, and solidifying that negative reality in your own and everyone else’s lives.

Thankfully, we are currenty living through an amazing time of transformation for planet Earth. In the past, people may have recognised the problem, but the tools were simply not available to make the necessary changes on a deep enough level. Now though, the situation is different.
We now have the opportunity to change the foundation of human existance; to change it from an energy of fear to an energy of love. When love is the basis of our existence, mistrust and fear melt away, and there is only the truth that we are all One. Our very future as a species may depend upon our ability to make this shift in understanding, and make it quickly.

In recent years, a number of amazingly powerful healing modalities have been given to us: healing modalities which are based on connection to the highest level of Pure Unconditional Love, Source or Creator Energy. These have provided us with the tools we’ve been waiting for all these centuries - tools which can shift our deepest perspective from one of fear to one of pure love. Tamra Oviatt’s “Sacred Activations” is one of these wonderful new healing modalities.

Tamra’s healing system has three major advantages which make it particularly effective for life-transformation. Firstly, it is easy and quick to get the benefit. You don’t need to have many costly one-to-one sessions, you only need to listen to a recording of the activation, which you can download to your computer in the comfort of your own home. Secondly, instead of painstakingly identifying all of your limiting fear-based programming, the activations automatically shift hundreds of limiting beliefs from all levels of your being, in one go. Thirdly, they disconnect you from the fear-based Collective Consciousness beliefs, and connect you to a higher love-based Collective Consciousness; and when one person unplugs from the old fear-based energies, other people unplug with them. So, not only are you finally free of the old negative energy, but more people join you in the new love-based energy.

Quite simply, when you heal yourself and your life using the Sacred Activations, you are at the same time shifting the foundation of the planet from fear to love. As you heal yourself, you help to heal all of humankind.

This is how I envisage the activations working: imagine that your life’s energy is made of beautiful sparkling water, but on top of the water is a layer of dirty oil. This oil is like the fear-based limiting programming you’ve inherited from your ancestors and acquired from the people around you - programming which tells you that you have to be poor and sick, that God wants you to suffer, that you can’t allow yourself to be loved, that you are unworthy. If you were to take that oil off the water, molecule by molecule it would take a very very long time. On the other hand, imagine what would happen if you put one drop of strong detergent onto the oil. The oil would instantaneously disperse, revealing the beautiful clear water beneath. This is essentially what happens when you receive a Sacred Activation. The high vibration of the activation disperses the low vibration of the old fear-based beliefs in an instant, and they are simply released. It’s quick, easy and simple!

Can you even imagine what our world would truly be like if the dominant energy was one of love instead of fear? There would be no need for power struggles, oppression, terror, war, violence or lack. Is this really possible for our planet and humankind? The truth is that releasing your fear-based programming opens up more and more possibilities. Each additional person who decides to shift their energy makes this possibility more and more likely.

In every transition, there is a tipping-point; a point at which the forward momentum makes that change inexorable and guaranteed. Once the tipping point is passed, the transition becomes easier and accelerates towards completion. Every person who shifts their life from an energy of fear to one of love, contributes to that process. If enough people unplug from fear, love will become the dominant Collective Consciousness on our planet, and our world will indeed change. It’s therefore up to each one of us to step up and take responsibility for our part in this amazing process.

Tamra’s Sacred Activations will empower you to do precisely this in a way you can easily fit into your everyday life. You can use the activations alone or alongside other healing modalities. Her book takes you through the fascinating story of her journey towards becoming a healer, how she first received the activations, the understanding behind the process and how your deepest subconscious beliefs influence the reality of the world around you. It gives transcriptions of the practitioner training, and it also provides you with tools to measure how your life is changing once you start receiving the activations yourself, so you can monitor your progress.

I’ve seen many people, including myself, benefit from Tamra’s Sacred Activations. You have that chance too. So why allow yourself to be limited by those old programmes of fear and limitation? Seize the opportunity now, and be one of the people who are ready for this amazing shift towards love.

Dr Anne Whitehouse
Scientist & Healer

Message from Archangel Metatron


Greetings, this is a message from Lord Metatron.

Things are changing so fast. The third dimensional grid system is breaking up and it's only in pieces. Many of you are you plugged into the fifth dimensional grid system and you're unaware how to use it. The fifth dimensional grid system which has a lot less filters, and you are manifesting your thoughts and your feelings much faster than ever before. You manifest your life, your thoughts, and your feelings as a group consciousness which manifests in this world you are living in. So many people are in turmoil within themselves that they're causing this throughout the world.

I am not saying this is your fault, as you truly don't understand yet what a collective consciousness you are. You, as a human race, plug into the collective consciousness and your life might be running on the fears and traumas in the collective consciousness. Thus when you run those emotions within you, more turmoil happens in the world. It is very important for you to connect with your emotions, and when you feel the emotions that are in sadness or fear or suffering or anger or resentment or judgment toward yourself or anybody, you need to change these. Please get  plugged into where you are enjoying happiness all the time as this will change the world. Remember, you are collective consciousness, so as you do this, thousands of other people around the world will do the same thing.

Yes my dear child it is up to you to change the world, we are here to assist you and teach you, but we will not be coming in and saving anybody, as you do not need to be saved. The only thing you do need is love--to love yourself, to love your neighbors, to love people of all walks of life, as you are all one. You all represent each other. Don't look down or up to anybody. You can ask yourself: what is this reflection teaching me about myself? Any judgments that you have for anybody is a reflection on how you feel inside.

Send everybody around the world unconditional love, your presidents, your kings your queens, your armies and navies--everybody needs to be sent this love. As when everybody feels love, there will be no more killing on your planet. Work together as a whole, knowing that everything that is done is done for everybody. With love. With respect. With honor. The more you're able to go within with this information the more it will show everywhere. Remember you are creating this world. It is up to you to love yourself--to truly love yourself--living in your Sacred Heart.

Much love to on this beautiful day,
Lord Metatron 

Channeled by Tamra 2014

Tamra Oviatt's work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems.

Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is, and works with many of the unseen ascended masters, angels, lords and light beings to help raise our vibrations to joy and love.


“How I was healed from both Bipolar Disorder and Thyroid Disease, and also became a healer.”

Thirteen years ago, I was being treated for Bipolar Disorder and Thyroid Disease and taking 5 medications a day. I kept hearing that I was here to help people heal their lives. Hearing this over and over for months, finally I said “God if you want me to be a healer, show me the White Light”. A friend of mine was taking photos of me. When we downloaded the photos, there was the White Light hitting me in the heart area.

I became a hypnotherapist and was teaching classes on how to talk to your Angels. On December 3, 2004, I was a $1000.00 short on my rent and no money for Christmas. I said, “GOD you want me to be a healer, then pay my rent.” Within an hour, one of my clients knocked on my door and handed me a check for $1500.00. Saying, “Spirit had told her boyfriend to give this to me.”

To continue adding to my skills as a healer, I attended a DNA activation workshop, during this workshop I requested that I be healed. Within 30 days I was off all of my bipolar medication, and to this day have not needed any of them.

I then went to school to become a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and from there, I also studied on to ThetaHealing® and (it was) very easy to work with.  (With) ThetaHealing® Training, I healed myself of thyroid disease. I no longer need, nor take any medications for this disorder since it’s no longer present in me. Since then I have also healed from hemorrhoids and a herniated disk. I also healed my belief that if you work for GOD you’re broke… and MANY OTHER ERRANT BELIEFS!!


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