SA Testimonials

1) The first 12 ACTIVATIONS
Jurina's psychic abilities opened after the Avebury-Stonehenge Activation. 
The Mother Earth Activation connected her to the trees, the jungle etc. 
She later told me she recently brought some branches home from the forest in Perak state in Malaysia.
She was able to tune in during the activations the memory of the branches.
While giving the Creator's Truth  Activations, I saw  that  the trees' ancestors originated from Africa, 
and that many years ago, the traders brought them by ship to the Malay Peninsular (old descritption of Malaya, now known as West Malaysia) . 
Below is her testimonial for your enjoyment!  
The Activations were given via Skype; she is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am based in Singapore.
Basic Set #1  (BS#1 ) comprises Sun Disc Dial, Mother Earth , Avebury-Stonehenge & Moses (Rejuvenation) code.
Basic Set #4 (BS#4 ) comprises Heaven on Earth, Creator's Truth,  Life's Grid  .

Sacred Activation - BS #1 and BS #4

from:  jurinaleeab
to:  Evlyn
date:  25 December 2013 18:38
subject:  Sacred Activation - BS #1 and BS #4
Dear Evlyn,
First of all I wish to say Thank You for all the Sacred Activation downloads that
 I have received thus far. 
In this email, I would like to share my experience while receiving the 
Sacred Activation downloads as stated in Basic sets #1 and #4.
After receiving Sun Disc Dial Activation, my clarity on senses has very much
 expanded so much so that I can feel the energy of wood with ease.
My sense of smell has also expanded, my nose can pick up scent of
 flowers (which I am unable to describe or identify) from nowhere. 
During BS #1, Avebury-Stonehenge, I could hear strong wind coming 
from the open sea and the sound of rainfall too (and I thought its raining in Singapore).
 Moses Code, I had a sense of an ocean (deep ocean) and also heard very
 very strong winds blowing.
After the activations, I felt more space and physically felt much lighter.
 There was some 'stuck' energy removed from my left hand and left leg 
which made my hand and leg felt lighter and 'looser'. 
I had an amazing experience during BS #4. My ears could pick up sounds sounds 
sounds...and more sounds! Bullet train going on a super speed, dragging sound, 
dogs barking, birds tweeting and mix sounds of activities.
I could perceive that I have tap into another dimension or space. A home in the woods,
 full of activities going on.  The strong wind, some knocking in the distant, 
the dragging sound,similar to dragging heavy piece of wood on a wooden floor.
 In the far distant, a dog was barking ( I perceive its a female dog) some birds
 were tweeting happily, the atmosphere had a sense of peace.
I am more aware, my ears could pick up a mix variety of sounds (at the same time)
 from my surroundings like they never did before SA downloads. 
I can even hear the sound of electricity when I put on my earphone. 
Who knows I may one day hear butterflies flapping their wings and
 'interpret' bird's conversations. 
I am looking to experience other sets of SA downloads in the very near future :). 
In the meantime, I am still exploring the new true ME every minute of the day!
 How does it get any better than this! What else is possible!

SA - Super DNA and Moses Code


jurina abdullah

20 Mar (6 days ago)
to me
Hi Evlyn,
I have to share this with you. 
I am having menstruation again after 3 years of menopause! I pre-menopause at the age of 48, that is 5 years ago. I just celebrated my 53rd birthday early this month (March).
Two weeks ago I felt my body changing. Stomach bloated, releasing a lot of gas and my appetite increased. Last week I noticed period blood stains and thought "hmm... I cant be having period." Then 2 days after that my period came as normal as it could be. I ask my nephew who is a doc, is it normal to have period return after 3 years menopause? He replied NO and told me to see a gynae. Of cos he doesn't know my secret. hehehe
Super DNA - After I had this download, I noticed my hair grows faster and thicker. Moses Code - This download combined with Super DNA works wonders! My skin is looking healthier and not so dry. My body feels firmmer too. 
Best of all I feel energetic every day! How does it get any better than that!!!
Thank you Evlyn, for the downloads. what else is possible!!!

Webinar Group Activation . Kuala Lumpur.

Feedback after 9 activations. 18-3-2014.


Bernice : I am more observant nowadays. More alert actually, more in the Now.  I used to be able to, when I   look at something, I can dive into it  . For a long period I’ve lost this (ability), and now I’m connecting that back. It is like this evening  I was sitting in my mom’s little garden reading.  Now I pay attention to the sounds and when I look into the plant,  it’s a sense of  blending with  it.  It actually looming experience, I  was actually looking into the aloe vera plant , tuning to listen to it, and the  sensation is that my heart chakra expanded and my body ( consciousness) was like its  going to “ explode” .  It comes to me quite easily now with little effort if I just centre myself. ( note:  Mother Earth Activation facilitated this)

Angie:  After the Activations, my awareness expanded. I won’t feel not sleepy even though  if I wake up at night.  I was working the whole day and I’m still very alert whole day.

Mr Kai : One thing I feel tired and sleepy over the week . I’m very aware of my thoughts , what im thinking during my driving . I now know what I should not be thinking of;  I can now catch my negative thoughts now.   I now also become aware of white light beings around me.


Group Activation. Singapore

Feedback on Free attunement Activation #1 Lord Metatron on 31.1.2015.

Veronica Danilov : Hello Evlyn. Just finished (re-listening to) the meditation (activation) and looking for words to describe my experience.. After the meditation I feel a bit "spacy" so I ground myslef with the recommended technique, and then feel the need to move. So by the time I'm done , I feel very refreshed . During the process I felt some very powerful energies going through me and "washing " and regenerating on both "spiritual" and physical levels. I am not sure about any beliefs surfacing but I had a very important reminder: to be here and now. To enjoy the way, not just to get to destination " To stop and smell the roses". It seems to be a very basic thing, but apparently I forgot. I remember now :)  Ever since last week's session, even though I was really busy , I kept the roses in mind . And I got an inspiration to start a small project for myself... It certainly was ( helpful) for me . Thank you.

Rachna :  saw  gold & silver colours. Saw my oldest nephew is to be married next week in Delh. In a typical traditionalceremony. Where everyone wears v bright outfits. And all thier family heirlooms. But I am always understated in the way i dress. Does it mean anything? Will end up wearing cream n gold I think.   (Evlyn: what u saw is showing u the feelings how its like to be in such a wedding... happy, joyous, abundant . However by wearing down you are denyng yourself to be so. You are capable n deserve all these but you stop yourself. Observe the changes in the next 2 to 3 weeks when the energies work and integrate into your being. )  Rachna: Thanks Evlyn for deducing so insightfully. Will make a conscious effort .

Tara Tan: Went into a statte of deep silence n felt peace. Aslo saw many young healthy shoots hanging on a big tree.


we stared Master training day 2 and Evlyn Cheong from Singapore is doing the first Activation ALZHEIMERS AND DEMENTIA
This activation is about rejuvenation of the brain cells by clearing out the reasons why they are not regenerating. This is about the emotions, feelings and thoughts that cause this regeneration.

Vincent says way to knock out the class first thing in the morning..

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Testimonials reproduced from live chat  : 


Systemsinc: That was Phenomenal!!!

Oct 7 2015, 11:29 PM

astaras (guest): thank you E - very powerful!! <3

Oct 7 2015, 11:30 PM

Katherine Clement: Thank you <3 Powerful!!

Oct 7 2015, 11:30 PM

Sarah (guest): Evlyn, great silent activation, really felt the energies when I tuned in. Thank you!

Oct 7 2015, 11:30 PM

Natalie Kristine: Thank you!

Oct 7 2015, 11:30 PM

Katy Keel: Thank you Evlyn

Oct 7 2015, 11:31 PM

Marymary (guest): Thank you Evlyn, I felt and saw the brain clearing in a whosh.

Oct 7 2015, 11:31 PM

Shefali Burns: Very powerful, thank you

Oct 7 2015, 11:31 PM

Haritha Reddy: that was awesome!! thank u Evlyn

Oct 7 2015, 11:31 PM

Natalie Kristine: Is it okay to not stay in a relaxed space and do things like get food, etc...and still receive the energy? Or do I have to stay super relaxed?

Oct 7 2015, 11:32 PM

Haritha Reddy: saw my brain glowing n filled with golden light during the first activation and was yawning a lot during the 2nd one! woah!!! lot of release

Oct 7 2015, 11:32 PM

Debra Gerrie: Thank You!

Oct 7 2015, 11:32 PM

astaras (guest): we're glad you're back in the saddle Vincent! and with such a cute hat.... xx

Oct 7 2015, 11:33 PM

Franziska (guest): Thank you, powerful, especially the second activation.

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SA downloads on 28 Feb 2014


jurina abdullah

18:41 (2 hours ago)
to me

2. SA Testimony
Mary Magdelene
When the name of this activation was mentioned there was some stirring in my heart area. For the first 1 minute, my body was resisting the download. Then I heard a lady humming (2 sec) and immediately my body relax and is able to receive the download with ease. The humming lady was Mary Mag.
Newtons Law Disconnect
I still cant find the right words to describe this. 
For the 1st time, my body n Being felt re-live (not relief) and 'released' (un bonded). My body was feeling very joyful even before the download and was saying "Yes!" before the words could come out from my mouth!
After the download, I felt like a balloon soaring into the sky (with its tube open and the air buzzing out). 
When my Being chose this activation, I was like 'eh?' and the reply was.. many 'languages'. During download, I could hear the sound of rolling thunder. My body was receiving this download calmly.
After receiving all 3 downloads, every cell in my body was like having a party! The feeling of Joy, Peace, Space, Calmness and Celebration. How does it get any better than this!! What else is possible!!!



1) Jurina Lee  received her activations on   22 & 23 Dec 2013 via Skype for the Attunement Set 1 and Basic set #4.  This is her message to me one week later. I have permission to share this.

" Yesterday I saw something awesome ! Was doing body Process* on Ryan n was looking out of my glass door. Ryan's car was parked under the coconut tree opposite my house. I saw layers of rainbow from the hanging coconut tree leaves going down the roof of car.'

" I realised my hearing is clearer. Sounds seem louder n clearer"

* Jurina  is an Access Consciouness Bars Facilitator based in Kuala Lumpur. Facebook page : Access the Bars Consciousness


2) Jurina finshed all the first basic 12 Activations , and went on to have Activations on  # 17 Creative Gene Extraordinaire , #36 Debtor's Prison and #41 Post traumatic Stress disroder . Ths is what she text me the very next day on 10 Jan and reproduced here with permission. She is aware of the changes in money energy flow and is grateful no matter how small.


J : 1 testimony for you.this morning i woke up...realised my 'receiving' expanded . received small amount of $ from xxx for being an affiliate last yr. another receiving-  got some order for xx.. . another receiving - habib jewels call me to say tat they will 'repair'  my gold jewellery for free.


j : THX to U i am receiving more  <3 <3 YAY!!!!!  WAHT ELSE IS POSSIBLE!!

E : Awesome testimony.


3) Jurina also shared this on 23 Jan 14 : After SA I noticed that my hair grows faster on head, armpit and eyebrow. Noticed it about 2 weeks ago but only got the answer today as I asked only yesterday.


Evlyn's Experiences

A patient at Intensive Care Unit . May 2014


I returned to Singapore from Tokyo ,Japan on 24 Apr 2014 late into the night.  It was immediately after I have received my Masters in ThetaHealing. I woke up rather late the next morning to 2 sms on my mobile. Both are about the same coma case at the ICU of a local hospital. The patient went into a coma on Friday afternoon 24 Apr. The family of the coma patient was told that there was nothing further the hospital can do for the patient , and its up the the patient whether he wanted to wake up.  The patient's sister told me that their last hope is ThetaHealing. At first , I was very hesitant as to whether I should take the case. I did a remote scanning and saw the soul floating about half a metre or 2 feet above the physical body.  I checked with the Creator, and the anwers I got was that I can make a difference, and that he will require 8 sessions with me . I took the case simply based on faith and remain guided by the Creator all the way; I am the witness.

My first day at the hospital ICU was on Monday 28 Apr. I had to wear a mask, scrub my hands, and then simply tune in. Honestly speaking, I was at a loss as how to begin with a patient was in a coma. As the sessions went on, I used both ThetaHealing and  Sacred Activations. I also have to do Thetahealing digging work with a coma patient!  The doctors were not encourageing at all and had told the wife at least twice ( on the 5th day into the coma  and the 10th day that there is no chance of the patient waking up.  At the end of the 8 sessions on Wednesday, I told the patient who is sitll in a coma that it would be my last visit, he somehow heard me and kept on coughing as if in a panic.  He would need 2-3 weeks to integrate the healing energies. The timing was perfect as I had a Basic ThetaHealing class over the weekend Fri- Sun.  I checked with his wife on Monday and was told that the patient opened his eyes for 5 min on 12 May, after 17 days in a coma. This was also the day after my class. Such Divine Timing!  I was so happy for the patient , his wife and his parents . We wanted to share this happiness 'with the world'. She said "yes please" . On 20 May, his wife told me that the patient opened his eyes for nearly the whole day.

Post coma  visit . Sep 2014

The patient is now into his 4th month and is in the recovery ward/ rehabilitation centre of the hospital. He sitll  needs a tracheostomy in his throat to assist his breathing. He used to be a heavy smoker and lungs are weak. His wife said that he is very emotional and cries whenever he sees her.  He is alert and communicates with eye movement.; he can't talk yet.  I visited him since he has not seen me since he woke up and I wanted to give him Thetahealing downloads and healing. This service was given free to him as a gesture of goodwill.  He can now give permission for downloads. He cried a lot upon hearing the positive downloads and its rare to see a grown man wailing. I witnessed so much  energy released from his heart, his lungs and abodomen , and at the same time see so much white light entering his body! Thank you , it is done. 


My Thyroid


I beleive the energies since the winter solstice of 2012 brings many things to the surface for clearing in a big and fast way. It was like a big rush for attention, not to be delayed anymore.

It came to the attention of my doctor that my throat was more swollen than usual . She referred me to the endocrinologist for investigation . The blood test showed negative for both hyper-  and hypo-thyroidism ie thyroid hormones are balanced.  The ultra sound however, showed large enough cysts to warrant a biopsy ( FNAC for fine needle aspiration cytosis) .The samples taken showed unusual cell formation and the lab was unable to classify it as  beneign.  I was given the option to remove my thyroid gland or monitor for another 6 months. I opted the latter.

I did a lot of Sacred Activations during the 6 months interval. Especially helpful was the Organ Regeneration , Polar Opposites and Getting into the Vortex of Creation. Of course I also did digging into my belief systems guided by ThetaHealing . I had my ultra sound scan again in 6 months time . The specialist doctor was surprised to learn that the cysts shrank in size  ^.^  and said he didn't know what happened  ( I know.....)  .  When he did the FNAC a week later , he noticed that the 3 samples from different parts of the thyroid lobes looked much clearer than the sample taken 6 months earlier. The lab test later confirmed this and classifed the samples as beneign :))))   As in ThetaHealing, we say " it is done, it is done, it is done! Thank you"


Siem Reap , Cambodia.  6 Dec 2013


I was on vacation in Siem Reap with my family and another family to view the ruins of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO site . On my first night outing before dinner, we visited Pub Street, a popular night spot for beer, drinks and food . Crowed place for merry making , full of locals and tourists many of whom are from Europe , Japan, S. Korea etc. On the adjoining street is the night bazaar with shops, stalls selling lots of tourist stuff . After walking through the crowd ,we settled for dinner in an open-air eating house. On the way back to the hotel on the Tuk Tuk, I felt a chest pain. My dinner was light and it was not due to indigestion.

I did some general clearing before bed and it helped. I woke up from sleep still with the chest pain. It occurred to me that the pain is could be linked to the Cambodian civil war. Cambodia was a war torn country 10 years ago, badly scarred by by the "killing fields" . Before I left Singapore I was aware not to tune into the pain and sadness. I now realised that it was the collective consciousness of the pain that affected me, and instinctively I did a Sacred Activation to unplug from the burden and pain of the collective consciousness around Siem Reap. Miraculously, the pain chest went off. I realised and felt that we are not independent of the collective consciousness around us.

Activation #57 War Disconnection Deactivation disconnects you from the collective consciousness of the beliefs and trauma of war. In doing so , it unplugs you from the 3rd dimensional collective consciousness an d plugs you into the 5th dimensional grid of unconditional love. It clears past life and current life traumas.

Evlyn, Sacred Activations Master practitioner




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