Foundation Set

comprises 26 Foundational life-changing activations

Next Sacred Activations Seminar 26 Foundation Activations .
7 & 8 Dec 2019 ( Sat & Sun)  0930 - 1300 hours daily

Pre-requisite : None

Ref # Activation   
Day 1    
F1 Lord Metatron   
F2 Avebury Stonehenge  
F3 Moses Code  
F4  Christ Consciousness Awareness  
F5 Super DNA  
F6 Mother Earth Activation  
F7 Mother Mary  
F8 Family Constellation  
F9 Original; Light Language  
F10 Inner Child Re-connection  
F11 Fruit of Life  
F12 Life"s Grid  
F13 Heaven On Earth  
Day 2    
F14 Alchemy of the 3rd  Dimension   
F15 Planetary Alignment   
F16 Bleeding Heart  
F17 The Sacred Power  
F18 Are You a Martyr?  
F19 Addictions Redirection  
F20 Spiritual Ego Release  
F21 Anger & Resentment Towards God  
F22 Soulmate  
F23 Polar Opposites  
F24 The Sacred Blueprint Power  
F25 The Collective Church  
F26 Creative Gene Extra- ordinaire  


What is included  for one-to-one Activations?

An explanation of each activation . Activation of 3 crystals and rock. (bring your own)

Complimentary :  A recording of each of your personal  activation for your personal replay at your own space and time.

- Complimentary activations of your own set of cyrstals and a stone . 

What is included for Group Seminar/ Webinar ?

An explanation of each activation . 



:  A recording of each of your group activation for your personal replay at your own space and time.

-  activation of your own set of cyrstals and a stone . 


Fees : $520 for seminar only ( group activations of 4 and avove)

Duration : SAT & SUN. 9.30 am - 1.00 pm daily


Foundation (26)

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Important Advice

Beliefs will surface when you receive these Activations. You may feel emotionally or physically uneasy as beliefs surface for your attention and healing. These will integrate by themselves within 3-6 weeks. So there is nothing to worry about. However, if you experience a healing crisis which bothers you, you can seek the help of a certified practitioner   to work specifically on any belief and/or programme.

# F1

Lord ( Archangel ) Metatron

This activation enables you to move through the current Earth’s changes with greater ease and grace. This activation accelerates the evolution of your DNA to the new crystalline levels associated and in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3D planet to a 5D planet and beyond. As stated in the Spiritual Library, this activation increases your DNA, bringing it up to the 12thdimension. Lord Metatron assists during this activation.
# F2 Avebury - Stonehenge

"For me, after I received this activation, my connection and my clairvoyance (seeing) and clair-audience (hearing) are much stronger than they ever have been. Now, when I am working with a client, it is much easier for me to comprehend the depth and detail of the profound healing taking place."
#F3 Moses Code
The Moses  Code Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cell, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams.  Since downloading this activation, I personally look more youthful and there is a sparkle in my eyes. I have stopped taking supplements for energy because I no longer need them.
#F4 Christ  Consciouness ( Flower of Life )
This Activation empowers you to create miracles in your life.  Additionally it heals your heart, fills you with gratitude, and releases you from self-judgment. " During this activation I witness the merging of the two heart chakras as they connect you into the 5thdimensional grid system of the Christ Consciousness. It also activates your Sacred Geometry Flower of Life.
#F5 Super DNA
The “Super DNA” activation improves your DNA levels, so that they match the new evolved generation that are coming onto the planet at this time. When children born with AIDS were activated and then their progress tracked and retested some years later, it was found that the AIDS disease was gone and their DNA had been changed to a “Super DNA”. This seems to have given them immunity to diseases.
# F6 Mother Earth
This Activation connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful place we call home.  It helps ground and center you in the knowing we are all connected; connects you to the fairies,trees, flowers and water; and brings you closer to our animal friends. To connect to your higher self, it’s important to first connect to Mother Earth. You may see fairies around while receiving this. It was a delightful experience because it also made me aware of all the animal fairies.




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# F7 Mother Mary

This activation brings provides awareness of others’ inability to love and a clear understanding of who they are on all levels. When you are brought into the awareness of a mother’s love and clear beliefs that block your ability to love others in the world, you achieve a state of love for everyone without judgment.

# F8
Family Constellation


The Family Constellation Activation clears your anger, judgment, guilt, and hatred toward your family.  It gives you a true knowing of what a family’s love feels like.
#F9 The Original Light Language

The Original Light Language Activation allows us to be “in love” with life while allowing us to be true to ourselves and honor our personal power when in conflict with others.

The Serif Angels assist me with this activation and it is truly amazing to be in their energy.

# F10 Inner Child Reconnection

Inner Child Reconnection Activation reclaims the pieces of your soul that was left in other lifetimes, galaxies and realms. It clears out all traumas that caused parts of you to be left in that lifetime; reclaims your power from those lifetimes; and surfaces your foundational beliefs for clearing and reclamation of personal power.
# F11 Fruit of Life (13 chakras)


The “Fruit of Life” is an activation that amplifies your manifestations with 100 times more power than ever before.

This activation lights up all thirteen Chakra systems, keeps you grounded, and yet connected, to your higher self. You may read more about this here in the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life book.


#F12 Life's Grid
The Life’s Grid activation creates a shield that protects you from radiation and pollutants, and also from other people’s negative energies.
Plug into the Protection shield around Earth.
#F13 Heaven on Earth

This activation releases you from any of the oaths you’ve made, karma and blessing to suffer for those who came before you and from those that do wrong to the earth and our fellow brothers and sister of this planet. 
Creator /God explained that we can be released from this affliction with this activation and to call it “Heaven on Earth” so, here you go! This activation is done in the 7th plane.
BONUS Crystal & Rock Activation
-Have 3 crystals and one rock ready. Why crystal &  rock?  its to compliment your activations and to keep you  grounded while you go through the shift. The crystals will help you maintain  the changes from all the activations you have received.

If you wish to activate your children or pets, simply place the crystals by their bedside while , and they will be automatically activated as well, if they choose to. Children and pets are much easier to activate as they're open. Ask for permission if they're 7 years old and above. 

Complimentary if whole Foundation set of 26 activations are purchased



Cross ref #   Activations Description
#F 14 Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension
This activation allows you to release 3D beliefs. This should only be done after the first 12 Avtivations.


Planetary Alignment

The Planetary Alignment activation aligns us with the shift that has happened in December 2012. The planets are lining up This activations and this assists you in navigating the next few months with ease and security, knowing that all is right on mother earth. As you may know, our world has not done a shift like this in over 5,126 years.

#F16 Bleeding Heart

Healers often want to heal the world. However, in wanting to do so you give your power away, while taking the sorrow and sadness of the world. This activation will give you discernment and boundaries so that you can heal yourself without being attached to healing the world.
#F17 The Sacred Power
Sacred Power clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power. Be the life force you are meant to be! This activation will be done last, as you need to be vibrating at your highest level to keep this activation.
Are You A Martyr?
Do you live your life for others? Are other people's lives and emotions more important than your own?  Were you taught to put others first?  Many people especially healers, have programmes that they have to sacrifice  and martyr themselves for others - that they don't matter themselves at all. The activation disconnects you from the Collective Consciouness of being a martyr. You can love and care for others without allowing yourself to be used or destroyed in the process!
#F 19 The Addictions Redirection

The Addictions Redirection restores the instinct and energy to self-nurture.  This addiction helps with various  expressions of addictions including:

o Hoarding
o Fear
o Self sacrifice
o Drama
o Sex
o Drugs

#F20 Spiritual Ego Release
The creator is the healer, we are co-creators who facilitates. This activation balnaces your ego so that you don't feel responsible for the results your clients receive. Their healing is between them and God alone/


Beliefs will surface when you receive these Activations. You may feel emotionally or physically uneasy as beliefs surface for your attention and healing. These will integrate by themeselves within 3-6 weeks. So there is nothing to worry about. However, if you experience a healing crisis which bothers you, you can seek the help of a certified ThetaHealer®  to work further on any belief and/or programme.


Foundation #21-26

# name Desription
21 Anger & Resentment Towards God  
22 Soulmate  
23 Polar Opposites

"This activation just came to me the other day, while working on a client.

I was watching all this energy spin around her head in her brain. And I saw the spinning was backwards. I asked creator what this was? And creator answered, I was told, what was happening, is that neural pathways, of this negative energy flow in her brain, was being disc created. Like it was never there. The energy was traveling backwards and completely erasing this Nero pathway.

My understanding from creator, is this allows new pathways of unconditional love, to replace the negative pathways.
I can’t wait to see what happens with this activation, I am so excited it seems so powerful. Where we are we can erase, negative pathways completely, and build new pathways of positive emotions."  Tamra

24 The Sacred Blue Print  
25 The Collective Church This activation removes any oaths, vows or contracts, that we have put in place from past lives and from the collective contracts. It was given to me when I was in Portugal. Creator told me to go to a church, when I was inside. I was told that I would receive and understanding about all churches of the world and I would be removed from any oaths, vows or contracts, that we have put in place from a past lives and from the collective contract’s to suffer for the church in order to know God.
26 Creative Gene Extraordinaire  


Masters List sample

Cross Ref # Activation Loving Yourself

Creator's Truth

Creator's Truth is an activation & deactivation; it unplugs you from the human grid of fear. As you may know, we are all connected in a grid that surrounds the earth so; we pick up on the group consciousness.

Creator’s Truth uplug from human grid of fear of of the 3D world and plugs you into the 7th plane of ''The Truth”, so you can be in your power & the truth, free of being controlled by the fear of  the group consciousness.

#40 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Release

PTSD Activation clears the emotional illness and anxiety disorder which usually develops as a result of extreme fright or a life threatening event. There are many people who are stuck in emotions resulting from traumas which happened to them in their lives ( or even a past life).

This includes memories that you might not even be aware of that are still running in the back of the mind, controlling you and keeping you in constant fear.
This activation releases you from group or religious consciouness, and even the culture at large.
# 34 Mary Magdalene
(From 'Sinner' to Saint! )

Sinner to Saint! This activation clears you from guilt , judgement and self-punishment for things you felt you've done wrong in this lifetime and other lifetimes! It allows you to be aligned with love for yourself.

We are all here learning and growing , and changing this allows you to do this without beating yourself up for the mistakes you made in the past. What matters is not the punishment, but the ability to learn, and move forward with wisdom. This activation frees you to do exactly that.
    Universal Light Language.
There are universal languages that are known thorughout the universe - would you like to wake up to this knowing and connecting with this energy, being able to communicate with the universe?


Group Activations

The activations are also done in sets in a group setting. Evlyn a certified Teacher and Master Practitioner and Teacher in Sacred Activations . This means that she has received the training to be able to hold the energy for group activations and teach up top the Masters level . She also completed the Mastering the Masters training in 2014.  There is economy of scale in Group Activations because with the same amount fee you can receive more activations. The savings is as much as  50% . 

1) seminar style or

2) webinar style ( ie through internet) 

The advantage of webinar is that this can be done in the comfort of your own home via modern technology , your home computer . Some of them simply use their cellphone!  I've completed first 12 Activations ( 4 sets)  in Mar 2014 for a group in KL and  the Advanced sets in May 2014.     The participants felt the energies instantaneously as the beliefs surfaced for clearing. See  SA Testimonials



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