Master Sacred Activations List

This is the next level after the first 26 Activations. With the Master SA , we work with the Collective or Group Consciouness. What does this mean? 
Everyone is connected through the energy grid system of the Earth.  Our thoughts, feelings and belief systems are all connected. Many of the old belief systems  associated with the 3rd Dimensional grid system  are locked into the energies of suffering , struggle , sacrifice , martyrdom and fear.  We can do huge amounts of beleif work on a personal level , but while we remain connected to these old Collective Consciouness fields, we will still be influenced and our lives sabotaged by those lower vibrations. 
In these Master Sacred Activations, we go into the Collective Consciouness as well to unplug from these 3rd Dimension grids which do not serve us anymore.     
You can find the description of each Activation in  Activations Subject Groupings

Serial Number MASTER ACTIVATION Remarks
#26 Star Seed Activation @
#27 Galactic Federation Activation @
#28 Crop Circle @
#29 Karmic Loop suggest #18
#30 Playing It Small suggest #36 Debtor's Prison
#32 Caste System Family  
#33 Yin and Yang  
#34 Mary Magdalena from 'sinner' to saint. Suggest  #40 PTSD
#35 Polar Opposites  
#36 Debtor's Prison suggest #18 Cultural wound release
#37 Organ Rejuvenation  
#38 Age Reversal  
#39 Newtons' Law Disconnect  
#40 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Release  
#41 Disciples' Return  
#42 Gaia @
#14 Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension Pre-requisite : Foundation Part 1
#44 Alchemy of the 4th Dimension @Pre-requisite :Foundation Part 1 & 2
#45 Alchemy of the 5th Dimension @Pre-requisties : Foundation Set  (parts 1 & 2)
 #42, 43, & 44
# 46 Star Gate @Pre-requisite :  Foundation Set (parts 1 & 2)
# 47 Healers' Powers @
# 48 Release from Spiritual Ego @
# 49 Universal Life Grid @
#50 Weight Regulation also suggest #65 Body Image
#51 Brain In Balance  
# 52 Dyslexia  
# 53 Hormones in Balance  
# 54 Fight or Flight  
#55 Caste System Money  
#56 Free Your Genetics  
#57 War Disconnection Deactivation  
# 58 False Prophet Deactivation  
# 59 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Disconnection  
# 60 Pharmaceuticals Deactivation  
# 61 Instantaneous Self Healing Activation  
# 62 Central Sun The I AM .  Major activationhence have to wait for first 24 activations  to integrate first.
# 63 Sacred Heart This is the third in the sequence of heart activations: Christ consciouness, Mother Mary & Sacred Heart
# 64 Vortex of Creation Abundance Pre-req:  #35 Polar Opposites to clear negative programs first
# 65 Body Image Also suggest #50 Weight Regulation activation, #39 Newton's Law disconnec #38 Age Reversal
# 66 Authority Power Disconnection Goes well with Disciples' Return activation.
@ Master set  11 activations from the Acturians @ as above  plus #13  Planetary Alignment
Valentine's day set 5 Activations #25 Are You a  Martyr?
#40  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
#5  Christ Consciouness Awareness
#31  Soul mate
#16 Sacred Sexuality





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