Rainbow Children for Young Adults

...or the young at heart.

Are you ready for an adventure full of fun and magic?

It has been designed to offer to three different age groups: Children in Primary school , Teens in Secondary school , and  Young Adults ( JC and Polytechnic  aged 16 and above).  This course has also been designed to teach over the course of a week, or in modules for the youngsters.  If you are interested in attending the course yourself, or would like for your children to attend, please contact ThetaMiraculous  to discuss planning a Rainbow Children course.


1) For Young Adults & Teenagers : 4  full days days.  Prerequisite : Basic ThetaHealing


2) For Children 9-12 years old .  8 half- days during the school holidays ( Total 32 hours ) .  Prerequisite : Good Behaviour  and Parental consent. 

2)  For C

Some of the most successful people in the world use gut instinct or intuition to manifest their dreams.  Do you want to increase your psychic abilities and intuition?

What can the Rainbow Children course do for me?
  1. Learn to develop your psychic skill in a fun and safe way.
  2. You learn how to change and transform energies of others around you. 
  3. You learn how to work on adults, and with children to help them awaken the amazing powers within themselves.
How is it different from the Basic & Advanced Theta Healing® courses?

Vianna says that Basic & Advanced Theta Healing courses teach you how to become a healer. The Rainbow Children course teaches you to develop and increase your psychic abilities.

This course teaches you the theta brainwave which is focused meditation, and does it really fast. You no longer need to sit for years to get into this state. Do you want to discover the magic in a safe and fun way?  As Vianna puts it, “Want to play?”


Exercises include:

Empathic Reading of an Object

Crystal layouts to connect with ascended masters

Guardian Angel Readings

Working with Crystals

Seeing and Changing Auras

Connecting with your power animal, and totem animals

Crystal scrying, connecting with fairies

Communicating with Plants, Elementals, and Animals

Higher Self Readings

Developing Clairvoyance with playing cards

Learning about the Planes of Existence

Body Scanning



Why does an adult want to attend a RB Children course?
Indigo chidren are warriors , they came to fight not to conform. They have both positive and negative aspects. RB children are born with infinite wisdom and can change the world around themselves. Indigo children are born to usher in the New Age with good intuition and wonderful at manifesting . Indigo children  cannot be controlled or forced to fit  into the conventions of our current way of doing things.  RB kids are extremely loving , adaptable human beings with memories of other times & places, memories and skills they possess, and bring with them infinite love and patience. They can transform energy of people around them. 
The course also enable you to to understand what RB children are, and become more intuitive . You can use these skills with children or adults if you choose so. The course will teach you the theta brainwave to meditate and do it real fast , and connect with the highest truth. It is from this Theta brainwave that you change energy patterns, and in RB course, do it in the fun way. How does it get better than this !

Prerequisite : Parental consent , 
communication and understanding .
Note : This is not a baby- sitting programme during the school holidays.    Good Behaviour  desired . Children who cause distress to others in the class will be asked to leave the class.  No refund in this case. 
For Children ( 9 -12 years) : 8 half days (32 hours)  during school holidays.
Rainbow Children are the New Aeon children streaming into the Earth plane since the past decade .  Some parents realise their their children are special and different. These chidlren are loving , gifted and intuitive.  They come at this time with a desire for a New Earth  , and they bring with them special energies to do so.  At the sametime, they  are hyper sensitive, with little or no boundary .  Hence, we must nurture them differently and guide them to realise their full potential . As parents , it is our desire to see them blossom . 


Infinite Wisdom of the Crystal and Rainbow Children


Rainbow children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive children. You feel good when you are around them. They radiate infinite love and patience. Have you experienced the magic of a rainbow child?

This is something all parents should hear!
Published on 20 Sep 2015

…Wow. This girl has got some seriously truth to tell the world. Children are brilliant, they come from the heart; she say’s she does in the video!

This six year old sweet heart named Tiana was recorded by her mom last week, and since then this has video blown up – for good reason. She was asking her mom to get along with her ex-husband, and the way she delivers this message is mind blowing, heart warming, intelligent and compassionate.

Just wow. She understands emotions intuitively as being ‘high’ and ‘low’ and she wants those emotions to come down, but not too low! She says she wants to be steady, from the heart. Truly incredible. Listen to your children, they are brilliant.

“If I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice too.”


No Copyright Infringement Intended
Credits: Cherish Sherry



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