BasicThetaHealing® DNA 1 & 2 ( Foundation level 1)
Activate your 12 strands of DNA
Pre-requisite: None

A Workshop to Empower and Heal Yourself

This workshop teaches you a technique to empower yourself. ThetaHealing is one of the fastest growing modalities in the world simply because it works. 

This Basic course shows you that there is no limit. It starts with teaching you the techniques to connect with this Creative Energy in the 7th Plane of Existence, and to activate your 12 strands of DNA, activate your Youth & Vitality chromosomes, repairing your damaged telomeres that causes aging, balancing your hormones, pulling of radiation etc. Watch these happen at quantum speed. From here you will learn how to change patterns and beliefs that are held at the core, genetic, history and soul levels, and replace them with ones that can support you to be in happiness, peace, joy, love, and harmony. In just 3 days you will learn at quantum speed , what seems to be 10 classes of techniques.

 What you will learn:

*      Activate your 12 strands of DNA

*      Activate your Youth & Vitality chromosomes

*       Change genetic programs for Aging

*      Gene Replacement/Repair Therapy

*      Scan another’s body to detect stuck energy

*      Retrieve soul fragments that you have given away or taken on from others 

*      Talk to Guardian Angels, remove Psychic hooks and Psychic attacks, release spirit attachments

*      Manifest to attract what you desire

*      Balance your hormone levels for good health

How you will benefit:

*      Cleanse your auric field and feel lighter

*      Reveal limiting thoughts, beliefs and programs that might take traditional psychotherapy years to uncover

*      Replace these with downloads that are positive and supportive

*      Change life patterns held in place by our ancestral, cultural and soul beliefs, and those which are self-inflicted or externally imposed

*      Practise releasing limiting beliefs for others in the class

*      Issues of safety are emphasized, especially when making genetic changes in the body


What is Included?

a) Hay House publication on ThetaHealing.

b)  Manual : 55 pages of discovery in colour

c) Practitioner Certificate issued by THInK , USA

d) registration as certified Practitioner at THInK  webpage www.


What students said:

*      Sooria: I love the workshop. I would speak about this course to some of my friends. Evlyn, you are simply down to earth and have released the studies of ThetaHealng so beautifully in me.

*      Lay Ping: It was very good to have so many exercises throughout the course, where I can experience for myself and other classmates first hand, and also understand much broader concepts about life and energy than I was previously exposed to. Very great learning experience. I can't wait to experience the new me!

*      Siew Geck: I experienced weights being lifted off me after each limiting belief is being released.


*      Siew Cheng: Very interesting and beneficial for self -improvement & to discover the beliefs that are not serving ourselves.






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