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Witnessing Instantaneous healing in 2013

 I'm happy to witness some instantaneous healing.


The issue started off around money issues of  Mr Daniel's business: how difficult it was to get his clients to pay money owed to him.  In the digging that followed we found out that he hated being treated unfairly, and this was traced to the core level  belief (as taugth in ThetaHealing)  that  if he has money,people taking it away. Somehow this belief provided him the motivation to succeed.  AT one point during the session, he felt a pain in his heart , and when I scanned it , I saw a crystal in the heart area and it was wire wrapped .

I asked the Creator to heal the heart , and to remove vows and obligations, and  the binding. What was interesting was that  I also witnessed the healing energies instantaneoulsy went to his kidneys. I asked him how his kidneys were. "No so good " he replied. I tested a few related programmes around  this regarding his parents , sibling and sibling's spouse . Blocks due to being treated unfairly at core level was cleared as I witnessed dark clouds left his body.  I also saw the healing energies  traveled to his leg muscles.  2 more programmes related to money surfaced. They were also  pulled and sent to Source . I also witnessed the binding around his heart  being pulled , adn energies released from the crystal. Soon after this, he felt the relief both in his heart and his kidneys. And of course we tested the programme of  " I hate being treated unfairly " again and it  was gone. It is done. 

 Case #2 .  

This related to attachments tha Ms E had of  people around  her and therefore impacting her well being.  I did a soul fragment retreival exercise ( as in Basic  ThetaHealing)  around her mother , her father , her grandma, her boyfriend etc.  Besides seeing energies leaving and coming back to her , I witnessed accompanying objects like a horse, scenes from fairie tales, etc . When I asked about them, Ms E confirmed that therse are the things that best describe the respective persons.  In one particular retrieval , I witnessed the energies instantaneoulsy returning into her heart , stomach and intestines !  The healing energies lasted some time as I witnessed  . It is done. Thank you.

Case #3.

The body sings as taught by Vianna in Thetahealing's  Intuitive Anatomy . I was scanning Ms J's skeletal system,  and I was shown a crooked spine. I did some belief work on it . She then complained about a pain in her spine as the energies surfaced for clearing.  I scanned it  and heard a very sour note , almost screeching. I also  'saw'  her mother  attached to where the pain was felt when I scanned the spine again.  She confirmed that it was related to her mother.  Once we identified the source , we did belief work around it  .   I witnessed the Creator healed  the curve in her spine . The pain went off. 

Case #4

Our biological cell stores memories of our feelings. When Ms K was ready to work around her family, it just surfaced very fast. It was her first encounter with ThetaHealing , and she was very receptive. She is also very intuitive. I didn't even have to scan her body, or do belief work. All I did were some simple testing and downloading of the roles of  various family members. I started with her son , then her ex- husband, and when I reached her mother, I felt her heart beating fast. She affirmed it when I checked with her. It was in anticipation of the next family member I was to mention:  her father.  The moment I started to make downloads around her father, she felt the pain in her liver. The emotions of her father was stored there waiting to be release. It was all within 5 min. 

Case #5

This is a distance healing done ex-gratia to a call for help.






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