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What Is Happening Around Us?

How to Raise Your Vibration  by Sabrina Reber posted on 9 Jan 2015

If you are in a state of depression, anxiety or emotional pain, of any kind, the only way to move beyond it is to allow your self to move through it. Allow it to rise within your being - don't resist it or try to pretend it is not there by putting on a mask. We have been resisting and applying masks of denial for many, many lifetimes.

We are in the golden age of en-lighten-ment and transparency - a 2000 year cyclic period - where we are being gifted an opportunity for accelerated soul healing and soul expansion. We are shedding the illusions of our egos and the secrets of our shadows - peeling away layer after layer of the fake self we have created so our true identities / true selves / higher selves can fully manifest themselves in our physical bodies.

Before this can occur a period of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual detoxification will occur as the lower vibrating energies, karma, distorted beliefs and repressed traumas rise to the surface to be released. This is a process of soul alchemy where we turn our "unconscious" stored darkness (lead) into the golden light of a "spiritualized and activated" energy field - eventually merging our lower self with the consciousness of our higher self becoming ONE.

Once this occurs, we will no longer be a house a divided (lower self separated from higher self consciousness) overwhelmed and tossed around by the ups and downs of our lower self consciousness with its dualistic, reactive, controlling and confrontational natures. We will be fully grounded in a dualistic world, but not of it. We will be working more from our higher self wisdom, and our higher selves will continue to shine light on those lower self aspects deep within our being that still need to be integrated.

Once we finally "awaken" and realize we have been living in the darkness of our fake selves and we begin to turn to the light of our true selves, our lives will begin to shift and change at an accelerated rate. However, there will be intermittent periods where we descend into the muddy waters of our subconscious to clean up our souls. The further we climb up the mountain of the SELF, the easier this process will be because we will know whatever we are going through serves our evolution and is helping us to reclaim more and more of our truth.

Accepting that the ascension journey is a lifestyle journey will help us release the expectations of our egos. Ascension is the process of climbing the mountain of SELF - all the way back up to the Creator Of All That Is - that lives within our higher dimensions. The further we climb the more LOVE, JOY, TRUTH, COMPASSION, PEACE, DIVINE WISDOM and SERENITY we will experience.

Along the way, there will be gifts - little winks from the Universe of your soul's ascension. If you pay attention, and don't disregard them, you will notice more synchronicity by seeing repetitive numbers, repetitive words - people you don't even know will be attracted to you to offer gifts of healing, oftentimes relaying confirming messages to you. Books that will be helpful on your journey will fall off the shelves or come into your conscious awareness, little heart shaped rocks or feathers will suddenly appear out of no where, animals will come close to you bringing you messages of joy and wonderment. During meditations, you will begin to feel subtle vibrations from your inner being and angelic teams, you will experience colorful lights in your minds eye, you may suddenly hear beautiful music from the angelic realms or perhaps be gifted with beautiful scents from your soul or the higher dimensions that smell unlike anything on Earth.

It is a blessing to be here on Earth during this great transformation. Having gratitude for the opportunity to clean up our souls at an accelerated rate may not be easy but it is the very reason we have incarnated at this time in the first place. Surrender to this process and know no matter what you are going through - "All Is Well". ~Sabrina




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