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Vianna's European Tour 2011


Vianna’s European Tour

Vianna is home from Japan and preparing for her European Tour

May 14-20th 2011

ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced Instructors Course

Vianna will be teaching the Basic and Advanced Instructors courses in Rome Italy. This is a great opportunity for ThetaHealing® Practitioners to Accelerate as an Instructor in this world wide modality & learn from the founder herself.

For more details on the upcoming class or to see Vianna’s full schedule you can follow the link below



May  25 -30-2011

May 26-2011 Soul Mate in London UK

This is a great opportunity for people to be introduced to ThetaHealing and work on some beliefs blocking them from finding their Soul Mate.

For more details on the upcoming class or to see Vianna’s full schedule you can follow the link below



May 27-2011 Soul Mate Instructors London UK

If you are already a Basic and Advanced Instructor and have taken the Soul Mate course you can become certified to teach the Soul Mate class. At this course you will be certified to teach 2 Soul Mate classes. One that is an introductory to ThetaHealing and one for Basic and Advanced Instructors.

For more details on the upcoming class or to see Vianna’s full schedule you can follow the link below



Mind Body & Spirit Festival in London UK.

May 28th Create Abundance with ThetaHealing®

Do to popular demand Vianna will be adding a Soul Mate Day, and Soul Mate Instructors Course to her trip in the UK.

Soul Mate Day is a great introduction to ThetaHealing for anyone wanting to learn more about the technique best described as An Attainable Miracle for Your Life!  This one day Event has no pre-requisites. More information visit www.thetahealing.com


June 2 2011 Power of Theta Waves Lecture plus a Book Release

“ThetaHealing” is released in German!!

Vianna will be doing a one day event to support the new edition to “ThetaHealing” in German.


June 3-9-2011 Basic and Advanced Practitioners class

Vianna will be doing the beginner level Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing classes. These are the first 2 classes to take and start your practice as a ThetaHealer. This is one of two basic level classes Vianna will be doing for 2011.


June 11, 2011 Healing Matrix

Vianna will be back in London, UK as a presenter at the Healing Matrix Conference. In this ground-breaking one day workshop three of the world’s leading experts in energy medicine and new science will explore the new dimensions of energy consciousness, healing and the mind–body connection in an interactive and experiential program.

For more information on this event visit






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