18/12/2012 22:24

Up the 7th Plane in a jiffy in Turkey

14 Dec 2012 . Capadocia, Turkey.

I gave an emergency Theta healing inside the ancient underground city of Kaymakli which was dug out from rocks at Capadocia in Turkey. One elderly gentleman, Mr X, who was traveling with my group got into breathing difficulty three quarter- way through the tunnels. We had to walk through the tunnels while bending our legs. His knees could not support him this manner over a few rather long stretches. I too, had to make the extra effort. At one point where the 'roof' got lower, he could not bend any lower, and was nearly stuck. By the time he managed to inch his way out, he has broke into cold sweat and had difficulty catching his breadth.  As it was getting stuffy with more and more tourists coming into the tunnels, our local guide asked our Singapore guide to lead the ladies out of the tunnels first. There was a kind of anxiety all round. I stayed and went over to Mr X wanting to give him a ThetaHealing quickly , but it was a challenge to connect with the 7th Plane bending my knees! Then the local guide also wanted all the men to leave but retained 3 young guys strong enough to carry Mr X. This will leave more oxygen in the air for Mr X . I reluctantly left via the next tunnel to another holding space. From here, I gave Mr X a remote healing amdist the anxiety and noise in a  very unfamiliar surrounding. I witnessed a flash of black mist left Mr X, and then I proceeded to give hims some 'downlaods' for him to breathe easily and effortlessly. So, the moral of the story is that  we practise going up 7th plane as often and as quick as possible as you'll never know when you need it ...in a jiffy you're there in the Creative Energy of all that is. Many thanks also to the 3 teenagers who helped Mr X to slowly ease into an interim holding space where he regained his calm and breath. He was fine  when he finally got out of the ancient underground city, but it is best to follow up with belief work. Photo below shows the tunnel we had to walk through with our legs bent.




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