16/05/2014 22:38

The Sakura Tree that bloomed for me

I was going through the segment on manifesting in last week's Basic ThetaHealing class and elaborated that there is a 2 day Manifesting & Abundance class for those who want to clear blocks and receive downloads . Someone in the class asked me to give an example what I've manifested so far. Offhand, the one still fresh in my memory was asking for the sakura (cherry blossom) to bloom for me. Yes, photo #1 was me posing next to the sakura tree that bloomed for me. I was squinting my eyes in the morning sun on Day 3 at Takayama before leaving for Tokyo via Nagoya.

My schedule in Japan was planned around Vianna's teachers class with on 19-15 Apr in Tokyo, and I arrived one week ahead. As the sakura bloomed earlier this year in Tokyo, I'd to travel out of Tokyo to look for a place where they have yet to bloom. My husband and I decided to go Takayama ( High Mountain) and it was estimated to bloom around the week of their annual Spring Festival on 14 & 15 Apr 2014. When we arrived on 14 Apr (Day 1) it was all buds (photo 2) . The night of the Night Procession was chilly ; the hotel bus driver told us that the outdoor temperature was one degree C (34 deb F). When we returned to the hotel the weather reading display for that day was 14 deg C for the day and 4 deg C for the night . I told my hubby that I was going to manifest warm weather the next day for the sakura to bloom just in time before we leave for Tokyo on Day 3. On the Day 2 morning, just before I was about to get up I saw images of sakura bloomed. While at the hotel lobby, I saw the the weather forecast for that day was 18 deg C for the day , and related to my hubby what I saw in my mind just before I woke up. I told him that we will have a chance to see the sakura bloom before we leave. The buds of the trees at the hotel grounds however, were as tight as ever (photo 3) . We headed for a day trip to the neighbouring UNESCO site at Shirakawa-go. By the afternoon, the buds there looks as if they were about to burst open (photo4) . When we returned to hotel at the end of the day, I felt a strong stirring within me , and knew that there will be at least one tree who responded to my call. And voila, one tree bloomed and I was so elated that I just had to pose next to it. ( photo 1) . Evlyn.





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