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When I meditate I feel good instantly but ...

QUESTION: On days when I meditate I feel good instantly but shortly after I feel very depressed and get choking feelings…why?

ANSWER: When you meditate you are raising your vibration, expanding your consciousness and bringing in more LIGHT from your spiritual being. This light will assist you in dissolving the energetic blocks (karmic miasims) that have accumulated in your chakra system during your current and previous lifetimes where you have been living mostly from your inauthentic egoic self. As these blocks are cleared you may experience pain, sensations of hot and cold, tingling sensations and sometimes odd bodily movements through jerks and spasms.

In addition, when you meditate, you raise your vibration to the higher vibrating dimensions within your self where your being is less dense. These higher dimensions feel good, almost euphoric but when the meditation is over you return to the physical body where you will need time to readjust and ground your energy back into the realm of physicality. This is the process of soul alchemy where we access the healing spiritual energies – through meditation and spiritual practices – that will help us transmute the dense lower vibrational energies held within our chakra systems into higher vibrational frequencies. We are literally turning our lead (karma) into gold (christ consciousness)….it is the alchemy of our souls.

Because humanity is accustomed to instant gratification, we are oftentimes resistant to the process of healing and spiritual purification. We like to pop a pill and make the pain go away but the pill never truly heals the pain – it simply masks the pain for a short while and then returns again. True healing, which is spiritual healing, or the healing of the soul is not a band-aid approach. True healing requires us to get to the root cause of our distortions so they can be unearthed within the depths of our being and brought to the surface for our higher spiritual light and consciousness to shine down on them so they can be cleared from our energy. This process of bringing our energetic blocks forward generates movement in our energy fields and within our physical bodies which can produce ascension symptoms. In addition, as these discordant energies are removed new spiritual life force energies of a higher vibrational frequency are integrated, which will activate our DNA and dormant spiritual glands which can also create unusual symptoms within our beings.

Because humanity had fallen to such a low level of vibration, Mother Earth sent a message throughout the universe asking for help and it was granted. Humanity was given a choice….either awaken and rise in vibration or choose to reincarnate somewhere else. As a “group consciousness” our higher souls chose for us to awaken and we were promised additional help from the spiritual dimensions to assist us with our healing and transformational processes. Because of this, our entire planet and all of humanity who chooses, is going through the quickening where we are transforming our dense carbon based beings into crystalline light beings at an accelerated rate.

Many of us have been disconnected from an abundant flow of spiritual energies from our higher selves for many lifetimes. As we begin to meditate and refocus our attention towards our ascension in consciousness we will begin to reopen our energetic tubes and channels within ourselves that have blocked us from attaining oneness with our higher selves. As we continue to meditate our ascension teams and higher self energies will begin to open up the many closed chambers within our hearts, brains and entire chakra systems that will help us connect more deeply to our higher souls, the Creator Of All That Is, the Earth and all of humanity. However, before we can get to a place of balance and unification within ourselves we will need to go through a profound period of spiritual detox where we purge ourselves of lifetimes of stored pain, trauma and karma. These distorted energies were created over many, many lifetimes and they will not just go away over night. The ascension path is a life style, it is a journey that will require dedication, persistence and sometimes uncomfortable feelings and sensations within our beings to arise. Many people will begin this journey and run into fear because they will not want to deal with the inner distortions that will arise within them. They will return to their old ways allowing themselves to step into denial seeking anything that will give their egos the instant gratification and “feel good” feelings they are accustomed to.

When we face God/ddess, we will have to face our lower selves so we can bring our True Selves, our God Selves forward. The time of duality…dueling with our lower selves and higher selves is coming to an end. We are being asked to raise our vibrational frequencies so we can bring our higher selves down into our bodies so our lower selves and higher selves can become ONE. When this occurs our higher selves will take dominion over our lower selves and our egos will become spiritualized. This is how we heal the planet. When each person spiritualizes their ego and they become ONE with their higher self, humanity as a whole, will make choices from the loving guidance of their God selves where we will create Heaven here on Earth. Everyone needs to do their own personal inner work in order for “mass ascension”  and planetary change to occur. We need to stop looking for instant gratification and we also need to stop expecting our external environments to change without us focusing first on our own internal environment because this too is an egoic tool that will keep us distracted from merging into oneness with our higher selves where true transformation will occur. After all, the external environment we see “out there” is a reflection of the internal environment of the mass consciousness. When we change the mass consciousness….one person at a time, we will change the planet.

If you are experiencing severe ascension symptoms or if you would like to accelerate the clearing of your energies I suggest you contact an energy healer who can help you dislodge stubborn energetic blocks. A Master Pranic Healer or a Master DNA Theta Healer can be an invaluable asset to your clearing process. I also suggest people receive an energetic attunement from a Reiki Master Teacher. An attunement is an initiation into the Reiki energy that will help you expand your central power current and will also help you clean out your chakra system so you can be a channel for the healing universal energy of Reiki. ~Sabrina


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