08/06/2012 14:12

What is Peace, Love & Oneness ?

I've been asked by one of my students recently ( June 2012)  to give my thoughts on what Peace, Love & Oneness means to me. As a ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® instructor, I believe that our feelings, thoughts & beliefs play a great part in self -mastery & hence our healing. I believe in miracles, the Universe, the Creator, angels, Unconditional Love.

(1) Peace is found within our heart , and our feelings which then affects our thoughts. When we can master our feelings, emotions and thoughts, and words we say, we can then say to have attained Self Mastery. Having "Peace of Mind" is when we 're able to cut the chatter in our mind, all those negative thoughts playing over and over again in our minds. If we've peace within, there is no need to " defend" , " seek" or "fight" for peace outside ourselves.

(2) Beliefs about love comes from within : "I know how to love myself, I know how to receive love, It is possible to love myself , It is safe to love another, I am worthy to receive Unconditional Love". When there is peace within, the love flows. When there is love within, abundance flows. We create our own Reality.

(3) Oneness... As Within, So without. We are not separate, we are part of All That Is. We're in a Hologram. All religions lead to the same Source. Each of us in our own unique way, can help 'weave' the New Earth dream.




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