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ThetaHealing mini-workshops 2011






...happening every last Fri* of the month, 2-5 pm.



When 'graduates' of ThetaHealing ® what they look most forward to, the answer is to practise their newly acquired skills. They are enthusiastic  to hone our skills after taking the Basic & Advanced TH courses. Often students add things to their list based on other people's list.  When practices are taken under the guidance of a ThetaHealing® Instructor, this can be enriching as we also take the opportunity to clear beliefs for each other  in a systematic way. These workshops are facilitated by Evlyn.

We are excited to introduce a series of structured mini-workshops on a specific topic each month. The purpose is to allow participants to think about things they may not have considered. Each lesson begins with a short explanation followed by an exercise by class members. Each lesson has a list of beliefs to check. We will learn how to do 'digging' on our individual issues.   

Besides honing your 'digging' skills, these workshops are also opportunities for your healing. Whether you are a graduate of the Basic or Advanced classes, or graduate of  electives like 'Manifesting & Abundance', 'Intuitive Anatomy' , and 'RHYTHM to a perfect weight. you will find these structured mini-workshops extremely beneficial.  The more you practise ThetaHelaing, the more you will develop your intuitive abilities over time.

The mini-workshops are based on Terry O ' Connell's works. 

#1 - Apr 27      : Where we give away our Power

#2 - May  25    : Healing without Attachment

#3 - Jun 29      : Safety & Boundaries

#4 - Jul 27       : Co-creating our lives with the Creator of All That Is

#5 - Aug 31     : Manifesting This

#6 - Sep 21     : Money

#7 - Oct  31     : Success

#8 - Nov 30     : Creating

#9 - Dec          :  My Greatest Fear 


* except 21 Sep ( 3rd Fri) &  31Oct ( Wed)


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In Evlyn’s personal journey of self-discovery, she  ‘created’ her own Happiness and Abundance .  Theta Healing® transformed her. She learnt how  to find the beliefs that held her down , and released  those that were not serving her  anymore.  By doing so, she  recovered from her own dis-ease  and it has not returned since. She now healthy , leads an active life,  raising a family, doing voluntary work & swims 3 times a week.

             She is passionate to share ThetaHealing® with you. 

             Evlyn  is trained personally by the founder Vianna Stibal who witnessed her own instant healing in 1995 & founded ThetaHealing®.




















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