04/09/2015 23:24

Witnessing Chemistry at work in the stomach

I witnessed an instant healing within the stomach ( the organ).  A client came to me about her weight loss of 10 kg in the last 6 months and now weighs only 39 Kg.  She told me that she has no appetite, due to pain in her stomach.  Her doctor did not detect ulcers. I scanned her body and asked the Creator of all that is to show me. The stomach  lining looks raw . I asked the Creator to send her a healing , and what I witnessed is really interesing. I saw lots of (+) symbols leaving the neck of her stomach that is leading to the small instestines. By the end of watching the animated video I can see the (-) symbols in her stomach , and a few (+) left inside the stomach .

I wondered what is happening and I just got a knowing that acidity is leaving her body. So I surfed the inernet to look for acidity in the body. I found one site that says that acidity is actually Hydrogen ions represented by H+ in chemistry . When pure water is in nuetral state , the H+ level is 1 ( with a pH 7 ).

Tomato juice has a H+ concentration of 1,000 relative to pure water ( and a pH 4) , Coffee has H+ concentration  of 100 relative to pure water ( pH 5)  . Baking soda has a a H+ concentraton of 0.01 and  is pH 9. This is indeed a Chemistry lesson for me via the instant healing.

Evlyn ,  Sep 2015





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