15/01/2014 19:29

How the Universe Works

The High Intelligence whose loving service is 

to weave 'reality' for us individually and collectively, 

gets all its info from you. 

It then generates myriads of 'versions' of that mix of energies of yours for you to observe and experience. (And us collectively as well).

This Intelligence is not short of opinions, but this is about You. It offers you the full spectrum of 'potentials' for you to choose, drawn from your own Consciousness...


We often ask: "how could I have created this horrible experience, if it involves other people's naughty behavior?" 

There is Cocreation. Creation and Cocreation. The experience of Collective and Individual.

The Collective manifestation does affect the individual, but precisely there is where the amazing realization lies: 

at one point, 

the point of Sovereignty, 

you can observe the Collective Soup 

and choose how, when, why and how much 

to interact with it.


more at thegreatcosmicshift.blogspot.mx/2014/01/how-universe-works-creative-force-and.html

This is where Evlyn experienced how ThetaHealing ® and Sacred ( Geometry) Activations flows seamlessly to address both the individual and the collective consciouness by unplugging us from the collective/ group fear, sufferring , anger etc




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How You See Yourself, Is Everything