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Miraculous In India

In India

I  gave 2 miraculous healing sessions while in India in late Feb/Mar 2012.

10 year old Gabriel.

The first was given to 10 year old Gabriel.  Muthu, Singapore’s favourite Nadi leaf reader,  and I were traveling with a hired driver along the east coast of Tamil Nadu. On the return leg to Chennai via Pondicherry, our driver requested that we stop  by his sister’s home to give ThetaHealing to his nephew.  We made a half hour detour. Gabriel’s wrist was hurting after a fall from his bicycle at school.  The doctor had recommended surgery. I did a ThetaHealing and was shown the bones of his right arm, followed by a flash of light going down to the wrist.  The boy confirmed he felt something along his arm. I did some ‘digging work’ and was shown that there was a school bully. He confirmed that he was pushed from his bicycle. I did some belief work on him, and finished off with some downloads. Although I sensed that his parents could not afford a surgery recommended by the doctor, I still told them to check with the doctor to confirm.  When I asked the Creator how long will it take to heal , the answer was that he will be fine in 3 weeks’ time.


Metastasized Eye Cancer

The second healing was a very short encounter at one of the free healing sessions given near the end of the Intuitive Anatomy Instructors’ class. The lady had nose cancer, and it has spread to her eye causing partial blindness. I asked the Creator to heal the metastasized area, and I was shown the eyeball in 3D in front of me. In a flash, I saw a dark mist of energy left her eye area. It happened so fast, almost in an instant.  Vianna checked later and confirmed that I did very well, as the metastasized area was cleared.  She commended me and advised the lady to follow up with some belief work later on for the healing to stay.




Theta Miraculous SINGAPORE

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