Supporting work:  The Journey 

This modality is developed by Brandon Bays and is designed to release the cellular memory which can be the underlying cause of emotional and physical issues . It is a deep and profound proces which frees the indivdual from any limitations of the past. Evlyn uses this method to support her sessions with clients where necessary. Sometimes clients would reach a stage where this modality will be very helpful to empty out the deep seated emotions. They just needed that conversation to have a closure.

Testimonial for Evlyn

3/12/15, 6:11:48 PM: Marie Cronogue: Hi sweety , thanks for the session yesterday . I found it very powerful , I liked the emotional release and it felt like a complete process. I'm feeling very positive today and Not giving energy to negativity so something has shifted. Thanks so much for your help as always , your awesome X

Supporting work: Focus for Directions.

If you are looking for directions in your life , this technique can help you.  It helps you trace the origins of imbalance in the physical , mental and emotional bodies ( levels ) , and then find your answers in the Akashic Records in the past , and  present. From here you can intuitively chart your future direction.  


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