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Evlyn has always loved colours. My dreams and meditations are in colours and images.  Her love for colours led me to AURO-SOMA® colour care system. The bottles excites me : look at the beauty of the colours,  the sparkle, and  feel the energy within the bottles.  She is certifed practitioner at Level 1 Foundation # 60383 and 3 other certifed electives .

 Enjoy the beautiful colours in the video clip below.

Evlyn has experienced the alchemy working at both at the etheric level and the Aura-Soma continued to work on me at night during dreamtime in sync with the 7 Steps to Transformation with Tree of Life workshop!  Her Auro-Soma instructor Alysea interpreted my many dreams of transformation in relation to my spiritual alchemy. One night, Alysea appeared in my dream to pass me a bottle . And almost immediatley a  yellow / yellow equilibrium bottle (Harvest)  flew in from the bedroom door to present itself to me. This woke me up and it was 4 am. I went to out to the workshop room ( it was a residential course) to look for the bottle numbers least I forget at daybreak.

Evlyn recommends the following* 

a) When challenges you face is traced to an unbalanced or damaged chakra that needs rescue , we have the  Rescue Set  ( see below )

b) New Age Child  Equilibriums  .to support and nurture  the child's development  whether its creativity , love, wisdome ( clarity of thought). She has good results with her son during his teenage years  : he hardly fall sick ! Within a day the fever was gone and was out of bed.

c) To clear and hold space, Evlyn uses Air Conditioner sprays  the Pink spray for Love,  Deep Red spray  for space clearing, the Green spray for  creating space , and there is the White for cleaning crystals .

d)  To support her chakras, Evlyn  meditates with  the Chakra Set of Equilibrium oils . Its Chakra health maintenance  and there is a bottle for each chakra.

e) PIck and choose the Ascended Master you want to work with eg Quan yin , Jesus,  from  the Master Set

Note:  Purchases of  Auro-Soma oils are available from Evlyn.

"You are the colour you choose" Vicky Wall, founder of Aura Soma.  Auro-Soma is the most comprehensive system of healing with colours.  AURA-SOMA® has colour for everyone. A non-intrusive and self-selective system in which colour is the key. It is an ancient knowledge that has been refound and revitalised into a living system easily accessible to all. At this pivotal point in history, AURA-SOMA® speaks to you through 112 beautiful bottles of rainbow coloured oils, special essences, pomanders and quintessences. 

It uses the visual and non-visual energies of colour, it uses the energies of herbs from essential oils and herbal extracts and it uses the energies of crystals and gems.

Evlyn uses the Aura-Soma Rescue oils (a speciial set of the Equilibrium bottles which brings you to a state of equilibrium) , Pomenders ( for auric field) , and Quint-essences ( for subtle bodies)  where appropriate in her sessions.

You are the colours you choose

AURA-SOMA® works with your spiritual and emotional well being. The coloured oils (Equilibrium), pomanders, quintessences, colour essences and other colour related products of AURA-SOMA® help you to bring your being into a state of equilibrium. They may help to increase your self-awareness and create an harmonious sense of comfort around and within yourself. Your colour choice reflects your very personal needs and helps you to find a more true understanding of your potential.

The Equilibrium bottles are at the heart of the AURA-SOMA® system. 

1) Rescue Colours 

rescues-1sm.jpg Bottle #001 The Physical Rescue – Blue/Deep Magenta
This bottle is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. It relates to being able to listen and communicate clearly, to peace and trust, and a feeling of been nurtured. May help with the letting go of the difficulties from the past, the craving for a peace which you believe is not for you and that may be a reflection of guilt or unworthiness. Can apply around the throat, neck and ears.
rescues-3sm.jpg Bottle #003 The Hearth Rescue – Blue/Green
This bottle relates to the Heart Chakra. To a love of nature. It may help with decision making and communicating feelings in a peaceful way. May help with the emotional side of life denying feeling or the communication of those feelings and not making space for one’s own needs.
Apply in a wide band around the chest from the collarbone down to the lowest rib, including the spine.
rescues-4sm.jpg Bottle #004 The Sunlight Rescue
This bottle relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra, to knowledge in the conscious mind and wisdom within the unconscious mind. It can also be associated with someone who has a sense of humour and is able to deal with life in a sunny or happy manner. May help with the difficulties in finding the light within the self whilst being able to see it within others or being afraid of the smallest detail in life. Apply in a wide band around the waist including the spine.
rescues-11sm.jpg Bottle #011 The Love Rescue – Clear/Pink
This bottle relates to love, warmth, caring and unconditional self acceptance.
It can help to address the issues of learning to receive love as well as give love to others, to be humble in self-acceptance and to overcome self doubt. May help with issues of spiritual pride- holding oneself back through false humility when it is more appropriate to step forward. Apply in a wide band around hips, lower abdomen and lower back.
rescues-20sm.jpg Bottle #020 The Star Child – Blue/Pink
This bottle is useful for work with ‘the inner child’. It can promote feelings of the warmth and love of a child with a child’s potential for forgiveness. Relating the communication of peace with love for the self and others and unconditional self acceptance. May help with the need to resolve difficulties from the childhood, assertiveness or forgiveness and self acceptance. Also relates to the Crown Chakra. Apply anywhere e.g. chest and neck in a wide band to include spine.


Bottle #026 The Etheric Rescue – Orange/Orange
The Etheric bottle relates to the second chakra but is applied to the body in a very specific way. Down the left side of the body from the left ear lone to the left ankle and around the hara/waist in a wide band. If there are particular areas of spiritual tension then you may also apply to that location.  This bottle may help to address issues of letting go of the past so that plans for today may be made. May help with issues of unresolved spiritual shock, difficulty with relations and anger. May also help with all issues of dependency and co-dependency.

Bottle #087 The Love Wisdom Rescue – Pale Coral/Pale Coral
This bottle can relate to shock, abuse and unrequited love, it may help with the potential to give love and wisdom to the world. The realization of self-acceptance and understanding of interdependence can bring deep joy. May help with dependency and unrequited love especially towards oneself. This bottle is applied to the body in a very specific way. Down the right side of the body from the right ear lone to the right ankle and around the hara/waist in a wide band. If there are particular areas of spiritual tension then you may also apply to that location.

rescues-89sm.jpg Bottle #089 The Energy Rescue – Red/Deep Magenta
Helps to look at eh shadow within and awaken to the possibility of a change of energy. Marks a shift from focusing on the material things in life to focusing on the more creative aspects. Also helps with the intuition and the spiritual being. May help to overcome anger, frustration and resentment whilst utilizing energy and looking at opportunities in live. Apply a wide band around the lower abdomen, and the feet.
rescues-100sm.jpg Bottle #100 The Metatron Rescue – Clear/Deep Magenta
Symbolizes the light coming into the shadow. The clear fraction acts as a mirror through which we can see ourselves. Being prepared to look at what lies within the depths of ourselves so that we do not deny any aspect of ourselves and come to a deeper acceptance. Apply anywhere on the body, can be helpful over the back of the head, the neck, and temples. Can also apply to the feet.




Aura-soma bottles for the New Age Child

This set supports a child's growing years (from womb) into adolescence .  Evlyn attended Alysea Mc Artney's workshop  'Mother & Child - Old Souls in Young Bodies'  when she was on visit to Singapore. When I heard that shewould hold an Auro-soma Tree of Life course in Perth the following March, I was immediately attracted to it  .  

Its also heals  the Inner Child in you . You can buy individual bottles . This bottels in the set are especially selected and assembled  for the the children.



Equilibrium  Bottles Purpose of the Equilibrim oils
From Left to Right :
#B11 : Clear/ Pink for  Calrity of Mind to love the Soul within

#B12 : Clear / Blue for Shining the Light on the nurturing , creativity & furitfulness

#B14 Clear / Gold for Clarity of Thought ./. New Age wisdom

#13 clear/ Green for for Enlightenment of the Heart

#15 Cler/ violet for Elevation of the Soul . Purified Healing.

#20 Blue/ Pink  for Communication of Unconditional love & Intuition


Your light made manifest

AURA-SOMA® Pomanders were conceived to give protection to the aura, acting specifically on the electromagnetic field that closely surrounds the physical body. They also act to strengthen the energetic field. The auric body, like the physical, can become damaged for numerous reasons. The application of a Pomander around the energetic field may repair those areas that are damaged. The regular application of a Pomander acts as protection against vibrations that might be of harm. Kirlian photography has shown this effect as a bar around the aura that lasts for up to several hours after application of the chosen Pomander.


AURA-SOMA® Pomanders are available in 15 different fragrance combinations and colours. They contain extracts from plants and herbs in an alcoholic solution. Three drops on the palm of your left hand, rubbed together with your right hand and passed through and around your aura, are sufficient to surround you with a delicate web which may help to give you refreshment. Finish by deeply inhaling the fragarence from between your hands.

Young Living® Essential Oils


Evlyn uses  a range of Young Living Essential oils, a high quality essential oil, in all her sessions. Clients find the oils from the Feelings set very supportive in their sessions with her.  She finds "Release" and "Believe " very useful .

Feelings Kit - features six essential oil blends formulated by D. Gary Young to promote emotional clearance and self renewal.

This collection includes Inner Child,  Harmony, ReleasePresent Time,  Forgiveness, and Valor.

In addition, she like Abundance!


You can purchase YL essential oils from me. Email or SMS or Whats App  me.



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