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Basic ThetaHealing® DNA1 & 2.

19* - 21 Apr 2019 (Fri - Sun) 

A self -empowerment workshop to create the change you want to have. Learn how to activate your 12 strands of DNA, Repair your defective genes, Activate your fountain of youth gene to regenerate your cells, and much more .Basic DNA 1&2

*19 Apr 2019 is Good Friday , a public holiday .

Small class to enjoy interaction with Evlyn

What is included

·         Vianna Stibal’s book “ ThetaHealing ”. Hay House publication

·         Basic DNA 1 & 2 ThetaHealing manual. ( New edition in colour )

·       Basic ThetaHealing Practitioner Certificate issued by THInK ( Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge)

·         Registration with THInK directory of practitioners

·         Option to be on ThetaHealing public register for practitioners on www.thetahealing.com

Two teas with snacks

Early bird available with full payment .   Use PayNow.





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